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There are those like super super fans that are like all listen to anything that comes out of sleet but slate has like lots of different types of shows with lots of different types of listeners. And it also has all these other entities that people are following. So there's more brand loyalty there we started with nothing we started with no celebrity, no audience no podcasts in existence and no brandon existence like building all of that together at once was really hard continues to be really hard. So. We have much more brand recognition for our individual shows for our franchises but not lost sight of wonder media network as a brand, and I think the sloughing say on this, we're we also are to be organization, and so I've been a little bit more focused on brand building wonder media network in the brand podcast space or as a production studio, and that brand name feels household in a way that doesn't like the women who I think are podcast but I think the key is that there I mean the key behind a brand is is that there's an ethos in a point of view that that stretches. Across all of its representations. So if you're listening to you have different podcasts but that there is a thread like they're not just like randomly lake. There, there's something that ties them together, and that's something is that it is giving voice to underrepresented voices and like what else it's more I, call this like activists media but like takes point of view to to an area that. Is Honestly we are absolutely four. You know forcing change in some that fair. So, this is also like one of the fundamental questions that we have an Jenny. My Co founders background is a Bloomberg as I said, and so she's of journalists like her training to be nonpartisan. The one hand on the other hand to hand. Yeah, and like Old Navy, is also supposed to be nonpartisan and they're like tank people to work at the polls. Now I mean like they're going to give off on election day so that people work the pulse so like our mission, our full mission is to amplify underrepresented voices and to inspire action. Promote empathy justice like. We're excited about people opening their minds to the stories that they otherwise wouldn't here and giving a platform to people that probably wouldn't be able to host podcast with the ringer. So like all of our hosts are non celebrity today. That's kind of like a silly media strategy honestly, like Harry's supposed to build an audience with non celebrity but the testing to see if this is viable. The, other thing is when we started the organization started, the company people asked us why we weren't just a nonprofit. And I have many friends. Bases Saint people were asking you if you're going to run out of women. This is commonplace. It doesn't I do usually complain about. Will be like, why are you not a nonprofit? Well, it's like much love to the people a nonprofit like I'm trying to make money here like, yeah. I'm trying to do good and devout stories that are mission driven, but we're trying to make money and we want to prove that like you don't have to be pink politico using air quotes. Again, you can just be good media that happens to be led by women. So like I don't like identifying as women's media company, I like identifying a mission driven media company were everything that we do has to check the boxes of is this inspiring empathy in the world is driving people to take action. And if it does those things when people bring us pitches, it does some of those things we're excited to the next step if it doesn't maybe the IT brings other thanks to the business, but it but..

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