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I also bet you don't hear any more of this because I have a feeling that somebody is going to intervene because the one thing that the conference does not need or coach is accusing each other of cheating. That's exactly right. Puts a black eye on the whole board. And the NIH all is going to do that. And gambling is going to do it. When gambling gets involved in things, things kind of go south I think. But who knows what's going on? I'm certainly hopeful for the football in general because I love it and followed it. Basically all of my life and you know it's just disheartening a little bit to see to see what's going on. Well, thank you very much for the call. We appreciate it. All right. Thank you. Let's talk to Lloyd next in College Station. Hello Lloyd. Hey, Paul, how are you doing today? We're doing well. Thank you. Yeah, just to go a little bit off of what ansley was just talking about. Seeing all the perception of the Brian Kelly the past couple of days and then seeing Jimbo with that fiery press conference, why do you think players maybe would lean more towards LSU than College Station? Just with that 5 star Harold Perkins just did. Yeah, that was a big deal. I think I don't know what caused him to decommit from a and M, but players, you don't know whether somebody else showed up that he did that he can't imagine him thinking anyone was a threat, but the only thing I could deduct is that Brian Kelly was fairly new. He liked Kelly. He liked his staff. And he made a change. It was a big pickup, though. A huge pickup for LSU though. There's no getting around that. That was a big deal. Let's continue. Johnny Mack is up next. Hey, Johnny. Hi, Paul. I just had to call in as an Alabama fan and note that the analogy I use with me and big Larry was wrong and that Georgia got it done, it was hard to beat Alabama twice and they got it done and I was wrong. So. Thank you. That really means a lot. Bubba is up next. Hey, bob, go right ahead. There's team money can buy gimbals got 33rd athletes come and drive and gold trans am just like bigger than coda. Blazing is low's kid's mind. Yeah, the thing about SMU for those who don't remember 30 5 years ago, everyone from the governor of Texas on down were buying players. They were already on they were already under, I think coming off of an NCAA probation, which put them in the death penalty window, they were told to stop it and they kept doing it. And that's why they were arrogant about it. They deserved it as penalty, but laid generally it's on like this is this something it's not went on other places. This is went on another big skull for years. It just happens to be legal now. And I'll tell you what legion is, I heard because gimbal told him he was going to kick their butt and he took a backup quarterback and then did it. And this is going to be a train it'll continue. They're not going to overlook a and I am. You're gave them a big sling happen to Georgia was losing ASCC championship because they got circled in the wagons came back and put a stamp on them. They better get used to losing football games. Well, thank you very much. I appreciate it. James is up next. Hey, James. Yes. Hey, bob, how you doing? We're doing great. Thank you. Yeah, I wanted to respond to Jim Bose press conference. And I almost run off road. I mean, it was just clear as day, but the three days, you know, now illusion and deflection classic, you know, became on YouTube website or whatever. But he went on and on about what a great score. Have you ever been to an alien game in a lot of blood and essentially saying all these players came to play buying a.m. as a great school, not wetting Nile? So apparently always great Ford 5 star players turned down and I wanted to go to him. It really brings up what did you say? 800,000 for the last year. And it really didn't a and IL come about Paul? July 1st. Do you want to first? When was your enrolled in school in what football team before then? So he came to Alabama before NIH. The one. Going to Alabama because of the United states, deflection on, oh, well, I know how some of these coaches are essentially reflecting off of. And we walk everybody from the basketball game, Florida beating Missouri. We have had quite an afternoon here. Mostly dominated by Jimbo Fisher. We'll get to him in a second. It is national signing day. We'll talk to coach Billy Napier in a few minutes, but while many of you are watching basketball, obviously a lot of you were with us. The story of the day has been Jimbo Fisher responding to allegations about his number one national signing class. It's been on your mind..

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