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In middle school. Children see racial inequity like they. They see that most of the homeless people in that community may be a particular racial group. They see that and so they like adults will maybe not like adults because we think we figured everything out there trying to sort of figure out. Why is that the case and if we're not actively teaching them about racism then what are they gonna assume they're going to think that black people are more likely to be homeless. Because there's something wrong. With blackie and so we also especially for the younger children have to actively teach them to to not assign characteristics to skin color we have to encourage them to see the differences in their community and appreciate those differences in level those differences and and and celebrate those differences as opposed to trying to get them to to a as the post adults imagining that they're color by. We're not even colorblind. You know they're they can tell the difference between orange angry right right. We don't want to be colored. By what are you gonna do to late. Think they exactly. In fact some of these culturally ingrained. Things are so pernicious as you say it affects everybody. Not just white people you know. There was the famous doll test that was done. I think in the forties fifties for even black kids. Like which doll is the bad doll and the point to the back down. It was a dull the bad dog. I mean that's crazy. You know when you think about that. And i think first of all. I'm like what another figure came up with this task..

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