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Of give me your answer. And why so give me your answer? And why so I will ask a question you give the answer. But then you have to explain your answer have to explain art part. It's like when he did math in school, and you give answering it said, well, you must explain your work. That was this is gonna come in handy when I'm trying to talk to my wife. Usually, I give one or two word. Yes. No, maybe. Go into some detail. This gives me they are always big on the why why? Yeah. Real big on the why we'll start with the Lexus here. So harm aching would feel his way through this. Which one of these is the worst people not putting up their shopping cart. Folks that try to buy a house at the drive in window at the Bank. You know, what I mean that person that's twenty minutes, and they're trying to do way too much. They should've gone inside or leaving the empty cure egg container in the coffee maker. And I do one of those three things. Do. No out of those three we'll really do because I'm not gonna call myself out the shopping cart because look limited parking spaces. If you leave your shopping car out in the middle of nowhere. And you don't put it back. Then you're taking that people could have an it's just it's just the right thing to do put your shopping carts back people. That's just right thing to do. Put a shopping caught back. It'd be so much fun. Because I always try to like aim one hundred year olds. And try to hit ever call poor. You never know when you push the cart. How the Fernie and might be camber you might cut right in door. Dana bash. Somebody's car the Canadian. So which one's worse shopping cart. Somebody trying to buy a house drive in window at the Bank or leaving the curate Cup in the maker from Emporia. So we're not facing up to have a curious team up really any of this. I'll take a shameless plug and say, I get my coffee. Her main Elliott Sadler victory lane restaurant right there to saddle travel plaza at ninety five live and be in poorer Virginia. Shame. Yeah. I'm not a big fan of people waiting in line at the Bank while people are trying to explain to somebody all of the ins and outs new is in new not ups and downs. You've got that much to go inside that. Yeah. Yeah. The draft. In east to be drafter. It's like McDonald's. If you can't do good service Fayez, she might want to say that because we might want to. Whatever it is. No, no your game plan and plan it and make it work for you. All right. So next quest. They get harder as we do. Hate this. Which one of the current Cup drivers could you see acting in a TV show? Sir. Anybody think has the ability to act at all? So if I'm put a movie together, and you're going to you got our TV series Kabushiki. Really? Yeah. Hey, play the villain. He could play. He plays a villain into racetrack. Does he knows what people he wants to wear that head at times? But also think that he's kind hearted Cain be nice type. And he's he's a he somebody that I think before the movie came out with hip draw interest to the movie because some people wanna seem do good and other half wanna come hoping seems grew up. The key played a killer car salesman in that advertisement that him and Samantha did for their chairs if you haven't seen it go and walk hilarie facial hair. A little up. I pick Bush. Yeah. I'm gonna say Ryan Blaney and actually think he might have actually acted in TV show here recently. I'll have to check. He was in a show. Yeah. Played a stunt driver something. Yeah. I just feel like he's got charisma when you think about, you know, an actor somebody that's going to be on the big screen or even the small spree screen. They've got to have Krizman. I feel like he's got that wanna add one thing. Yes. If it's a comedy. I think I'd rather replace him with Clint boy..

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