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Coke a bullpen arm they need a. Couple of bullpen step bullpen I know they Andrew moolah back it's. Not, as good as, it's been and you saw that. Thursday night against the Yankees but they're gonna win their division and eastern Aster is going to be in the postseason. I'm not, ready to put Seattle there quite yet case Paxton on the DL The Oakland a.'s are playing great they're, not playing good baseball player. Playing great baseball and we've seen with Oakland every four, five years they have one of these magic corporates they come. Out, of nowhere guys, we had no idea that they. Even exist start playing gray jed. Jed Lowrie. Who's the infield it was bouncing. Around the Red Sox the Astros it's been around the block he's having a great year, for them Chris Davis. Is having a great year for them is good don't be surprised. If the as push the Mariners to the brink for that final wildcard spot And I know the Mariners. Have a much better lineup and I'm gonna profit the Mariners. Over this year eighty two that is a walk they're going to win that in his sleep But the as could be more dangerous team in the playoffs bullpen is locked down mnay is damn good and it's. A ton of home. Runs Mitch Johnson's Mitch you're on the fan JJ big fan I appreciate that that's. What's on your. Mind what's happening bro They're not the ninety eight. Yankees so, the, ninety five Yankees they're on a. I wouldn't go that far I mean listen they're not the ninety five Yankees the ninety five Yankees had to fight a bitter end of the year to. Make the postseason the ninety five Yankees had a heartbreaking. Loss in the postseason this, team. Is on par to what ninety. Eight did now I agree with you Mitch the ninety eight team is. Better I'm not trying to tell you this team is better than ninety eight but last year's Yankee team was far more of an interesting comparison to ninety five because of the way they came out of nowhere because of the fact that they got back to the postseason because it affecting you almost okay with them, in, a, way, losing. The way that they did to the Houston Astros no. No no no Mitch this team is a. World Series of. Bus tag team all there. Is still, it The bus backing. This year because if if. You told me that I could. Get one this year and. Trade away some. Of the future for I. Don't want, it, because they can do for the..

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