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The kunia, obviously, wonderful young Braves player. He's just won the rookie of the year award. He's going to be a cornerstone of the Braves franchise for years to come in today. It came out that he's going to be a cornerstone for even longer than that because he signed well, I guess a seven year extension. It's being reported as eight years, even though the first is the twenty nine thousand nine season with two club options on the end. And even if both of those club options are exercised this will amount to just one hundred twenty. Four million dollars for almost the next decade of a kunia, which seems like the biggest swindle steal, whatever. Synonym? You wanna use to show that basically kunia is going to be incredibly underpaid for the next decade Ivan seat like you, usually don't see people get absolutely destroyed in Atlanta like this and less the federal grand armies involved. I was I went into this with an open mind because so far from free agencies. I mean, he's frankly, so far from arbitration that you wouldn't you can't like look at the I mean, it's essentially seven year one hundred million dollar deal. You can't look at that. And think, wow, you know, he's only making what is at thirteen million dollars a year fourteen million. And and judge that against free agent salaries. But then you look at the like the two extension deal or to extension years or or seventeen million dollars each like what like if he's going to be worth going to be worth exercising? Those options. In his thirties. Like one old be the going rate for a superstar by that point. I can't I dunno. It's it just seems. I you call it a swindle. I think that's that's not a bad way to describe it. I mean, the Braves just completely put one over on him and Kuna, I think it's important to note is in this position because he was not a super highly touted prospect when he signed at Venezuela with Atlanta as a youngster he wasn't one of those guys who made, you know, five million dollars on the free agent market. I think it was watch us one hundred thousand hundred thousand he made and he was held down by Atlanta for the first month last year. So he's going to hit free agency a year later than he otherwise would have he's making the league minimum this year next year. So he's not really going to have the chance at getting paid for a few years anyway. So you can sort of understand why he would want to lock up the security because if he suffers a career threatening injury tomorrow, then he's. Not going to have the sort of financial security to fall back on that players who came from more means will have.

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