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That's hardly a deficit. Learn more about social security and how you can help expand this vital program at social security works dot org. As a national guard or reserve member, you served your country now lead VA serve you. I wouldn't be here today is a successful woman without the help that I receive your VA honors your service by providing a wide range of veterans benefits from home loans to job training VA benefits can help with some of life's toughest challenges. What's important about VA benefits? They don't just touch us individual. They can touch your parents grandparents your child, go to benefits dot VA dot gov slash guard. Reserve to learn more, including how to apply online using benefits just finished a master's degree recently. And now, I'm working on another degree as well. So the military meet at all possible, my veterans benefits made it all possible. No matter what the time is applied for your benefits. You earned them. VA is waiting to help you achieve your next mission. Learn about an apply for your. Your VA benefits today? This is w CPT's art of the city. We let you know what's happening in the theater music and visual arts coming up on Thursday, February seven from four fifteen to six forty five pm as to LeRoy Neiman, censor thirty-seven, south Wabash avenue, the school of the Art Institute, Chicago presents conversations on art and science often, we think that the material world in terms of static stable objects with fixed boundaries and predictable properties technological and artistic innovations as well as environmental and sustainability concerns are challenging conventional notions about materials and highlighting the limitations of static object thinking as a professor of chemistry Cassandra, Frazier's lab investigates, luminescent boron dies for imaging and sensing these die show potential as dynamic media. Not just for science and medicine,.

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