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Worked in uh in mobile anna a channel five and ninety nine point nine and just i looked at had a great life the ever go to fair hope are quite often there was a place called judge roy beans suit which was just packed on on sundays and that put the police used to put chalkmarks on everybody's tire and then they would just wait when they would see a tyre rolling down the road that had the mark on it they would automatically pull you over for drunken driving it's twenty pushed draghi pretty heavily george vi's at whether that was fair not i don't know but it was an interesting topic so it's a beautiful little said he and steve bannon was there last night in support of republicans senatorial candidate roy more the election in alabama is now less than a week away steve bannon bashed mitt romney criticising mitt romney and his sons for never serving in the military you went to france to be a missionary what guys were dying and ricepaddies in vietnam gets five sons not one day a service in afghanistan and iraq do you do you take up on the the hypocrisy that i'm taking up on this guy ban represents president trump in a lot of things he's a loyal trump supporter this is where we are in america today this kind of stuff doesn't matter because it doesn't get recognized because if if it's something that you want to believe then that's all you see you don't see that trump had a total of five deferments he's an athlete he's playing i think football and basketball but he gets a deferment in the military and at at at some point he's got bad feet and so so so how could a supporter of trump say this but again does it really matter no it doesn't matter because the people who want to believe what they want to believe believe that they don't care about the hypocrisy but that's where we are in america and steve bannon was really obvious about who has more integrity roy more or mitt romney you wanna talk about honor integrity brother bring it bring it down here alabama you had that guts that gone this you have.

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