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But we've been talking about this el Segundo times story desperate to get rid of homeless people some are using prickly plant's fences and barriers these are mostly business owners in areas like downtown LA on our last guest Marc Ryan back over the west side in Venice also neighborhoods near U. S. C. that are fed up in love we keep seeing the same thing in the store we called three one one to have the you can't and cleared but we got no response X. isn't business so driven to this did you notice this career town activist named Chris Holman to bird yeah he reports of people to put out stuff but he caught he's filed a dozen complaints three three one one and that's works they responded and taken down some of the sidewalk obstructions that the businesses have put up so when you call for the vagrants blocking or the garbage piled up three one one doesn't respond if you call and say Hey someone's being mean and they're sending a planters on the sidewalk the cities in action Hey what are you doing there in fact Elena stern who's a spokes hole for the bureau street services said we only enforce citations on obstructions after complaints are filed well you get that their career town activist but who's doing that but they don't think when they get complaints about the vagrants they don't do anything and and as mark Rive extend from Venice the police know what the law is and and and mark stated the walk correctly and the police captain agreed with him at six in the morning the police can give all the vagrants a warning saying it all give me a good fifteen minutes you got a pack up and get out here and they have to move the law even after all the settlements and all the data peels court decisions ninety six is all they have ninety six they can sleep in a public area at six in the morning they got to move on and I got to take a way out well now that out because they don't enforce the law and Garcetti and bonded and bonding lied to my face at a meeting I went to like to my face Garcetti lies to the media constantly and these lame **** reporters don't challenge him on it at six o'clock in the morning every single vagrant can be awakened and told they've got to go out and if they don't go there stuff can be confiscated put into storage and they can be arrested and that's what we ought to be doing every day they are to pick up a different block and go back there two three four times and make the move along move along move along to the get out of town the problems become so big that would take them all day to do but they should have done it and they should still do it get out of the residential areas get him added with the businesses are don't put it on the T. W. P. land as a great idea that mark at you know what I bet somebody somebody on organize a bus and dump everyone everyone of them out a on the D. W. P. block that he was describing hi there was a recent motion that past introduced by of course city council president herb Wesson oil the calls on several city agencies to work together to investigate and remove illegal fencing city wide that restricts free passage in the public right of way report the council's efforts what about the motion as you just pointed out to remove the vagrants the sidewalks after their time is up at six AM so businesses have the right to conduct their business are turning customers away because vagrants role planted in front what about that motion instead what they I think I'm probably most of the public believes that really legally there's nothing they can do about it because Garcetti in Bonn in the rest of them keep wine but here's the truth they can bother every single one of them starting at six AM that's true and every single ten can be forced to even forced almost kind of the folded up and take it take it away or they get confiscated or they get arrested I I I that's that's what you start doing this is simple this this is it this is more a look most areas don't have that much crime and most of the crime is coming from the vagrants so this cop going well you know I'd be taking my officers off the street for the real crime going no this is the real crime if the threatening to fire bomb people's homes and they're stealing everything that isn't nailed down in the backyard not to mention all the drug use I bet this is what the Culver city cops do if they ever have somebody camping on the sidewalks you know come six a and they go out there and say okay you had your night time to go and its leaders have a right to do that and that's why stupid bond and he never did file a lawsuit against Culver city did because there's nothing to file on because if that's what they're doing that's legal you know he's got quiet it was a one day headline to send the said their media to chase its own tail for for a forty eight hours what will we will blundered Sir that bubble bobble walk yeah but it was light and yourself for it is none of all his lawyer told a bald faced lie yeah did not another reporters know the law or nor do they bother to find out what the law is not we got more coming up John can KFI Deborah mark as the mother in Glendale says a mix up at a fertility center meant her baby was unknowingly born to another woman I need a new can says chop fertility robbed her of her ability to carry her own child and trial answers strangers embryo into my warm leaving us feeling violated by people that we trusted enemies that we live with the uncertainty that another embryo of ours may be born to someone else the other woman to twin boys Manou can says one is hers the other belongs to a third family cha has not responded to requests for comment the news is brought to you by my count choice dot com a bug bombing has blown out windows at an apartment complex in north Hollywood this neighbor says everyone had to get out this morning there's cracking in the plaster on the outside is bulging out about two or three inches on the bottom of the floor the force of the explosion tangled blinds and blue glass down the block no one was hurt but at least one apartment unit was destroyed the nineteen ninety nine U. S. women's soccer team has been honored with a statue at the Rose Bowl to commemorate its World Cup victory some members of the ninety nine squad reveal the statue chose Brandi Chastain under knees clutching her Jersey in a right hand seconds after ripping it off in celebration after kicking the tournament winning goal it was literally a moment of pure joy in an iconic moment for women's athletics in America there was no connotation there was no preconceived notion it was just a natural organic genuine response to that perfect moment to stand use only the second to be placed on the Rose Bowl grounds the other statue is dedicated to Jackie Robinson in Pasadena Chris and Carla okay fine you officials have cleared almost a thousand properties affected by last year's big wild fire in LA inventor counties marked the stroller with LA county public works is the clean up is just about finished reporter thousand tons of debris has been cleared from burn properties within LA county that's no simple task it took almost eight months for crews to get rid of all the debris officials say people who lost their homes in the fire are now able to get permits to rebuild we have a crash.

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