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Monday's amtrak train derailment the news for beyond reporting that a fifty two year old rochester man was rained on tuesday in pierce county court on charges of second degree assault and making a false statement to police state of washington expanding its pending lawsuit against comcast two now criticising the cable and internet company for discarding recorded customer service calls that the attorney general claims as evidence of the company's alleged deceptive sales practices washes state attorney general bob ferguson says his team uncovered more illegal conduct by comcast as the investigation developed particularly as a state sought recorded customer service calls in federal judge said he would decide before christmas whether stop a trump administration ban on refugees after hearing arguments that it is separating fact i'm lease and putting some refugees endanger lawyers from the a c l u a jewish family services asking us district judge james raw bar for an injection on thursday the ban applies for refugees from certain mostly muslim countries department of justice lawyers say the banners temporary and was needed while officials review the vetting process after being accused by his former assistant of sexual misconduct former sea hawks quarterback warren moon is talking to the press komos jeff pohjola it a lawsuit filed by moons former aide wendy haskell the seahawks broadcaster is accused of multiple counts of sexual harassment and misconduct a lot of people don't know first of all out of people think i'm married and they think of uncollectible extramarital fear that i was involved in inflammation out there and i haven't been married for four years now from a single man central too many the complaints is that moon is said to have forced haskell to share a room and a bed with him while on business trips moon says that is at least partially true he says that sharing the.

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