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Essentials in the marquee sports network. Ample, You have a good show this week, right? Yeah, we talked to John de Filipo, the Quarterback. What do you have to say about Mitchell City? They put him in a position where he could use his talents. And I said You've been listening to us for the last four years. Betty Love that. Well, what do you think? We've been saying? That's what I'm saying. I've said it till I'm blue in the face year after year. Get the kid out of the pocket. So 33 drop ACS last week. He threw it. They rolled him out or did some level of play action 15 times. Okay. Is that enough? Is that too much? What? Okay, that That you don't have to do it every time. Now you change the point of the quarterback release. Now pass rushers just can't put their head down and go to that seven yard deep spot. Everything changes start rolling them out. Everything changes. So what He just said they t off because they know he's gonna drop back in the pocket. And you got a quarterback? That's a pocket passer, and you've got some people. The big man said it correct. They've been errors Backboard. What's out? Here they come. You two are so adorable. It's unbelievable. Look at the way you just got your guys back right there. He crushed it again, but But you like that 15 15 roll. That's what we've been saying all year, except that that is the matter Company times that you heard me the last three years him out of the How many times like every week five times a show something like that. I would say roughly that field. All right, All right. Hey, we gotto times an hour five times an hour. Be about it more accurate. All right? Probably correct News in three.

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