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I did a movie called semi pro. I did a basketball movie Eddie where I played the manager of the team and we shot basketball for over three weeks in which I have to be courtside because I'm at the scores table. I'm actually like the score and was me Andy Daily and an and will Arnett. You're probably in every shot because your scores save a very very many of them and there were days where you'd have to come to work because like like a chef needs everything chopped. You gotta be ready to go in and case they decide. We're going to turn the camera over this way and we're going to see you so there were days where where I'd go in and I'm may be there for hours and it'd be like you know what we're not. GonNa see so and you've got to you've gotta just kind of go okay. Hey that's that's in the check. That's like that's built the same way the you know like whenever there's a big sale it's like it's not really a sale. It's built into the price of all the other all the other ends in you know so I totally understand depending on your temperament too. I got really pissed off. Yeah I got. I didn't leave it but it they kept on calling me in early and it's one of the things I'm sitting around. five or six hours in strangers close like in makeup watching a fuzzy television yeah fucking banger thing and it was I eventually started giving the second dirty looks yeah and then eventually they just said your calls at eight. AM Go my calls at noon Magadan. That's I know Michael's noon. That's like no matter how much I'd love to sit around your set. Yeah like six hours. You're not doing anything. It's like. I'm not being diva. I'm not your extra a little bit of left and right but it's also looking at the schedule to when you got miles on you you start to learn. Certainly my temporal minutes not Hollywood yeah. I mean I've learned. There are things that I've said no to that. I mean not a huge things not like anybody's Dick or anything but just like this fire just like but just like Oh you you're the second it'd be on fire. Fest Khanna Choices and things that they want like for acting wise and I'm like no. I'm not going to do it that way because that was shitty and bogus and the and I would never have done that earlier on but I you know there's been enough time that I'm like. I don't want to do that I want. I don't want me doing that to be on film somewhere. Yes because you always know when they say do it. This way and it's a way that you and I'm also like I trust myself. I'm not like some just Dick gets back like I am. I always have I always have the quality of the project project regardless of what it is in mind I guess and and I don't believe me. I've looked like a fucking idiot a million times also it makes the Prajit August yes if it fits if it fits the contraption that's I'm going to do it but if they want me to do something that's like that's demeaning or humiliating gating. I'm just for the sake of just like you know or like. I don't know if I've ever told this story in public but one of my I was on arrested development a number of times and terrible show. Don't watch awful awful irony on this show is friends of mine and Oh you know Jason Bateman Jason Bateman will okay thank me and I see him next. I do not not no Liza Minelli starring concert once but no I do not know I I knew 'cause others. I I know Carl weathers I shot with Carl weathers for days and days and I'll tell you what's funny is because Mitch Hurwitz and I knew there's a writer on the show Jim Valley and they they Jim and Mitch were sort of. I don't know if they were like the main ones but they where the guys I knew most and I and will our nets very good friend of mine. I used to go and Tony hails a good friend of Mine Lego Batman Lego Batman Voices. GMC trucks which that's still fucking kills me when I hear him on GNC trucks because I'm like that in of itself is a nice life in what I mean like just being the voice of GMC trucks is all you have to do to raise your family. You've made it had a nice place to live and he's been doing that for twenty years. I'm not envious but I I was on a show called quintuplets that I wasn't thrilled to be on and I mean it was. I was thrilled to have the job thing still on the air. Yeah Yeah it was I. I shouldn't say I wasn't thrilled to be on. I was glad to have the work but it wasn't. I didn't really have a lot of creative say in it and I didn't so I wasn't like crazy about the material it was and I mean it was. There were plenty of people that loved it. It just wasn't to my taste and I go over because they were shooting very three babies. No Oh you dummy when Toplitz it's five. Oh never mind triplets. I never ever saw the show never heard of that show taxi cab ah but so I wouldn't go over and hang out with those guys because I was like now. This is the kind of show that that is in my ballpark like my sensibility and seven I go hang out with them and I got to know Mitch and the problem with those guys loving you is that they write you windass something they will make. You look like an asshole. That's hard of them. Loving you is too so I played quintuplets because they knew that I was. I was like quintuplets and they were like okay. Hey how about you come over here and play quintuplets body high wind up what's over here so I went over there to play quintuplets but in like in one of the episodes the reason I bring that up one of the episodes there was a scene where I was playing me not going to the school where Michael Sarah went and my brother which was me was the director of the school and I wanna see my brother or something something and I see Bateman and Bateman asks me to be at a choper charity thing and I'm Mike and I say like okay. I was like how much money is in it and he's like none. It's a charity thing. I'm like all right well. There's zero dinner and he's a guest all right. I'll ago and then I say you know. If you see my brother. Tell him in the cafeteria and I did the lines like that. I'm such a fucking loser that I'll show up for a hot meal area yeah because the whole point of me being me was that I was a show Biz loser that my career was in the fucking toilet and why they pick you then I I know I mean Wiley. Pick me the the guy that's constantly confused with Brad Pitt. Tom Hanks Yeah. Tom Brad Pitt thanks thanks but so and you just got to put up with it and this way when you say Carl weathers the bit with Carl weathers and I we worked with him on Thursdays. Taes the thing with him is that everyone went is that Cuba gooding junior and then they go now now. It's car weather's. He's GonNa never mind. They're all everyone's disappointed that he's not. Cuba gooding junior and I said to him like how are you with that. Because it goes there's bit attribute of it and he's like he's got to laugh. Also prints was going to say one. It's funny and to also. He's also seemed like he was doing anything else. See now I will also look honestly. It's what a whole generation of people remember. Call weather's yeah yeah yeah. This is like Oh to go to craft service. You get some get some carrots Harris. Get some celery. Take that ribohn yourself to eat. Well all yes yeah. We're GONNA one day she yeah and then that's it memorable. Has You have a requires a good sense of humor about your yes require sensibility to go. It'll be on that June and especially when you're playing your fucking south version or so he was playing call. No I was Wayne me two or you're playing Andy Richter Andy Richter and his four brothers. Gosh you're right. I watched that show so yeah. Actually we watch the new seasons right. Watch them all my Mitch hire me say in the senior saying Oh is there a meal okay. I'll show up and tell my brother in the cafeteria and they kept coming up to me the director first and then the rector. I give me notes like you've got to really hit the meal. Okay I thought I was hitting it just fine and in the and also to like when you're going to the cafeteria hit that to them that well. It's kind of like okay you know. Is it going to be a meal L. OR IS GONNA IS GONNA be a meal hit it this this I finally was like I finally because I director explained it to me and I said Oh you mean like fatty loves to eat. Is that is out angle. You're going for fatty fatty fatty so crazy about eating. That fatty can't like if there's food fatty will do anything to get there and that if he's going to wait for his brother he's going to go to where the food is because he's fatty exempt. What you're looking looking for in the director went well. I mean yeah and I said no again. I said I'm not gonna read it like it's more kind of like. I'll do anything for a hot meal meal yeah yeah. I'm sorry not GonNa like just wasn't GonNa do that because a I mean it's humiliating because fucking funny exactly you can humiliate yourself if it's fucking funny but if it's just for the sake no looking DOC gooden like okay I'll be. I'll be a failure for you but I'm not going to be like a food obsessed. Fatso yeah so and like like the onset writer came over and was like trying to explain it and I was just like yeah yeah I get the first three times yeah I mean the and but no I'm not GonNa do that and and that was just but I don't think that well well. The director himself said he goes. I've never had an actor Tommy. I know and I was like well yeah. Sorry just I mean truly I will do. I've done really really profoundly. Humiliating gross like fake nudity kind of thing she hung around said in a dance belt which if you don't know what that is. It's basically strap strap. goes up your ass. It goes straight up your ass and it looks. It's flesh tone. Yes so you Kendall. You look like it can. I did party monster so yes. There was also used to be dancer so I'm very good with the award. I'm great with the dance. Billy wore them in situations where it was like where it was like. Fake pixellated new me which is which is like. It's it's delving into prop humor humor like my body being the prop but you know I would. I'll do that event calls for works. I mean there was a time because we used to do as a bit on the CONAN shown. Actually there's kind of like a a bit that is it is well remembered of Conan and I we're in robes after the gym and he says like Hey. There's a new steam room at NBC. It's like a prank or something and he shoves me onto the today show set where Matt Lauer's bedding down you know yeah yeah but I have pixellated out yeah yeah. No No. It's me no. It's a good bit and it's like okay. That's a good bit but after we did that did a couple of times when riders needed an ending to bits it would be like and and it had to be like none that's a that is a that's like the Alpha Omega bomb beneath the planet of the save that for the they can't just fire in that thing off all the time it loses its power exactly okay. I guess we're GONNA. Take another break right now. Because that's what we do do on the show sorry about to sell shit yeah time not shit excellent product line to make the fucking donuts old. WE'RE BACK SO MR richer you pick up your children soon yes. I'm my child or my daughter. My son is my son is at college right now. He's going to AH Parsons School of Design New York City. Is he going to do a project runway. When no you sure. Are you sure I don't he's not not like a clothing designer. He's a painter and he's there for product design. All it's okay yeah. He actually a graphic designer something something right. That's how you make money. Graphic design your pain on the side well. I also can see him because he he likes clothes and he's into fashion and especially being in. La Kid he's like he's you know he's had friends with much richer parents that'll be like do you want this eight hundred dollar cashmere sweater..

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