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By the Navy Federal credit Union. Proud of sir members of the armed forces, Dodie veterans and their families. They're members of the mission. One more Navy, federal dot or GE. I'm Jo Conway. W T o p traffic at a storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Ricketts. It is a hot one. Today that was temperatures at 90 degrees, but feeling close to 100 degrees with the humidity that we've been dealing with now we've got some sun shines a beautiful day clouds around as well. We'll have a 20% chance of seeing a shower thunderstorm this afternoon. A lot of us are staying on the dry side overnight in the seventies and then back to a mix of sun and clouds. Tomorrow is slightly better chance of thunderstorms tomorrow but still all not that big on Lee 30% chance on your Monday temperature Still around 90 tomorrow with that heat index in the mid upper nineties strays for impossible on Tuesday Tuesday plenty of sun temperatures around 90 heat index right around 100 degrees in the next couple of days. Today. Tomorrow and Tuesday. Temperatures around 90 feeling close to 100 By Wednesday we stay around 90 humidity drops. Wednesday's also our best chance of rain in the coming days, but only still at 40% I'm 17 4 meteorologist Lauren Rickets. Right now Look, a storm team for radar. The good news is close to the Beltway. We're not seeing anything. We do have a light shower over the Middleburg area, but otherwise everything's around the I 81 area, the Woodstock area, seeing a heavy cell moving through and also Thie Martinsburg area, Seeing a couple showers pop up there, but mostly again along the I 81 corridor taking a look at the temperatures right now. 89 degrees in silver Spring 89 Annandale in 87 degrees in northwest D. C. A 2 51 brought to you by new Look home design. Find out why 30,000 homeowners have chosen new look to do their roof. U. S intelligence told us months ago, Russia had been trying to hack US Cove in 19 research. We now.

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