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Call was spotted dryer being driven at four four miles per hour in the miles an hour zone. In two thousand seventeen is. Is I choose eleven miles over p P was flown out of the labor. Podge of the being convicted of perversion, of course, of Justice just been jailed for free months after retrial. How'd you get a free months of being eleven miles an hour over the speed limit? The call heard evidence sunny was texting speeding during the summer recess. Sunny is a I I'm sitting MP to Joe Terry field sense sixty days pace poll tax GS state that she intends to appeal against her brother Festus was jailed for ten months his involvement of the pleading guilty the same charge. How do you go to jail for ten months because of because you went ten miles war whole sixty before to Ben she was ousted. The. As as he sends his two MP Missa just said, you have not you have not simply let yourself down. You have let does look up cheer frustration. Your part your professional parliament her life as new MP into two extremely hit two ticket. She was just being diagnosed most so police began to pursue her. She noted the positive. So if Joe for twelve months or more parliamentary rule state that she would have automatically see, but she still keeps it even though she goes to jail for free month's as man, Matt gentleman Habash face. What's known as a recall petition under needles juices of fifteen. It means residents can force a by-election if the petition is signed by more than ten percent of the paper Electra, however because sunny has lodged an application to appeal against conviction a petition copy up until the prices complete wants US Open cheeses Christ. That is mad. Imagine speeding over ten. Imagine only speed of ten miles an hour of the limit. And you get put into prison for free month's always you should probably won't do free. She might do Hof right or maybe a month. Good behaviour because I'm sure she doesn't have any price and inches and stuff about God. Debit. Most of the story that I don't know the Diaz I'm going to go into looking drug the race card. But yeah, that doesn't seem that doesn't seem doesn't doesn't seem legit to me. But hey, what do I know next one? Let's hear Jeffrey oven cycle would appears. Yeah. This is a fucking great hall woman story djembe, Geoffrey Owens, got these Cosby show in by timber last year. No, okay. You don't care. I know I understand. But so Jeff rooms guys Cosby show, and since then he's career hasn't necessarily gone as planned. He's kind of step taback tin. He's not kind of got regular job doing just a regular smuggler job stuff. And I remember last year. As one of the kind of byproducts of public shaming because you know, publish aim is kind of rose to prominence. In the last few years, or so because you know, people have felt like celebrities of people in power have necessarily face consequences that the average person the street would for some of the heat Krems, they do so in a way to kind of rebalance put the scales back in balance with some people have now begun public shaming. We'll have been doing this since yesteryear. But now it's become more prevalent special incident age in order to get people to kind of face the consequences of the actions, right and Jeffrey, oh interest kind of got the wrong in the stick of this. Because he was on the Cosby show. He was a big celebrity news time, and then, you know, life kind of you know, life goes on you kind of not in the limelight anymore. And you just go on doing your regular a life. Right. And you kind of start working at trader Joe's a regular kind of supermarket in America. And somebody shopper trader Joe's saw him recognize. We wasn't because the video of him kind of bagging groceries and kind of put out on on Twitter now to be related at did it, it is seem militias didn't See see metro me. say all McCoy look at his celebrity so side, he's not working a regular job rather than facials job shaming him..

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