The Joe Biden Media Frenzy


I am looking at my screen, and I'm watching some things that are happening on the internet, which I keep going when I'm on the air. Full disclosure. I use it from time to time to update stories that I've gotten front of me, and all I'm seeing rolling on the scrolls, and the other things that happened on on these web pages is pictures of Joe Biden, crazy old uncle Joe. And I see this person sticking up for him and that person sticking up for him saying, he's extremely furler -tations. And Mika Brzezinski says in an extremely completely safe way. And how do we know? How does she know? How can she pass judgment on? The fact that crazy old uncle Joe is doing this in a safe way. And this person shouldn't mind it and yet. Without any proof at all. The person is supposed to get upset and rabidly mad at somebody from the other side of the political aisle. Doing the same thing with no proof that they're actually doing that. It's a stunning to me. Can you explain this where did this mentality? Come from.

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