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Developing in NFL known as tissue engineering, we can reconstitute those into more complex tissues and structures. In fact, I published a paper with Tony Atala a number of years ago where we actually used clone cells from cow to create actually to grow in the lab kidneys that actually were able to remove toxic materials when we transplanted them back into the animal, they will they were cloned from. And those sales were very smart. They had assembled into the goal mayor lie into all the various elements of the kidney. And since that time work has been done to to to grow in the lab entire bladders. That have been used. Used in patients. And in fact, there's work now where people have actually created primitive beating hot using this tissue engineering techniques. So so one day you're going to go to the hospital with take a skin cell, and we'll just grow you up a new kidney, or or whatever you need. And speaking about that, I went with a film crew from BBC television down to Wake Forest university. Where you're also a professor and we actually went through twentieth. House laboratory where we photograph heart valves that are opening and closing opening and closing heart valves that were grown from your own cells. So now, we can grow bladders the first windpipe was grown recently. Now, where's it gonna go? Are we going to be able to grow for example, a liver? If that happened to think of all the people who die because they don't get a liver in time like Mickey Mantle the great baseball giant died of liver failure. Is deliver the pancreas are they coming? Absolutely. We're making a normal progress on tissue engineering, virtually every organ system in the body, including bones and tendons and also to we're now on the forefront of what we now are able to do is to actually a new paradigm in medicine where we're able to actually generate early developmental cells that only exist transient in the embryo and use them to repair the adult body almost like nanoparticles. So for instance, we published a paper a couple of years ago where we created what we call the manager blast and they were like ambulance sales. And when we inject them into the body, we found that in animals that had had a massive heart attacks that it actually cut the death rate in half. I think a simple injection or an animal's. We're for instance, they would otherwise have their legs amputated due to lack of blood flow. We completely restored the blood flow by injecting these cells in in the same manner deliver a we we believe we have selves. That will be able to repair that. So I think in the next few years, you're gonna see a lot more of this work published. And and yes, I think you're going to be able to repair virtually any worn out or dysfunctional tissue in the body. Who's the first.

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