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Elvis would get all the credit you know. You ain't nothing but a hound always was sung by big mma big mama ray thornton or something like that but there's just a bunch of songs that were written by black boys which elvis stole meijima international superstar that bullshit about him being the king of rock and roll. Fuck you you stupid ass. Mother fuckers who were actually dumb enough to believe that bullshit rock and roll soul music that was created by blackbox black blackbox. So that other bullshit about elvis. Be the king a rock roll. Elvis presley didn't write one mother fucking song. You're gonna call that motherfucker king rock role. How stupid are you to believe some bullshit like that. Good singer very talented got. Nothing is as a talent but elevate him to the king of rock and roll. Which means he's gonna be in higher regard than such luminaries such geniuses such groundbreaker such innovators at ray charles. And jackie wilson and little richard and otis redding and marvin gaye and in all those guys. Get the fuck outta here. Get the fuck out here. And sam cooke was one of those guys charter member of the of the rock and roll hall of fame when it was first introduced in nineteen eighty seven. He was also awarded posthumously. The lifetime achievement granny award so he will songwriter. He was a label owner. He was a performer. Guy was man and he was going to be doing great things. And you talked about the artist that he influenced you toma oldest reading marvin gaye aretha. Franklin al green curtis mayfield. The beatles rod stewart. Stevie wonder i mean everybody son melt motown smokey robinson. All of those guys are sitting there talking about you. Know for us Sam cooke with the man. I mean you could hear it. Especially with someone. Like smokey robinson in terms of you could hear it especially with someone like marvin gaye the walk. The sam cooke influence so there was nobody. I think secular music. But the -ception may be ray charles and term the who was a bigger influence for the music going forward in the artist. Moving forward then. Sam cooke. They were the foundation in the major influencers of today's modern music. So it was just a damn shame so when we're speaking about not speaking about why every december tenth eleventh whatever. We need to recognize sam cook. Because that's how important sam cooke is. That's how important sam cooke was. That's how important sam cooke still remains. Today wendell's world is sports. Yes sports i'm your host wonder wallace. Okay great for you to be with us. Let me begin with my hero. Let me end with my man. Let me end with a guy named otis. Redding low myself really told relationship about himself in the folks stack studios extremely inspiring. I think for me the way. I live my life in terms of the relationships that i build You could just take a local see. The correlation between the relationship that otis redding head was such guys on bucatini. Mg the greatest house band ever lived. We're speaking about booker. T jones esteem colonel cooper and donald duck dunn and al jackson junior the relationship but those guys had with though with him oldest reading and the relationship that those guys booker. T. booker t. L. jackson duck. Done steve troppo with those guys. Had in terms of a friendship turned of unity and turned up togetherness. We're speaking about a time in memphis tennessee where nothing was created everything was segregated and yet we have two white guys who are two black is coming together in just jamming and just playing great music and becoming a family and becoming you know those things make became. The great friends family did because of the type of people that they were in the play that they played in the connections that they had again at a time. Where you know what white state over here. Black were down there. Those guys in a black ghetto were stack. Studio was came in there. And they create a great music and otis came in there and was part of that family and Those those guys from brothers so for me. When i like to live my life and term the way i live my life and turned the my friendship in terms of the relationship. They cultivate and everything like that is based on the oldest reading booker. t jones l. jackson junior donald duck dunn david porter isaac hayes that family that was stack studios. I don't know why no one had made a movie about that yet. But even if it's something like the five heartbeats were robert townsend was loosely based on the temptations or something like dreamgirls which was loosely. Based on a motown. I don't know why someone hasn't come up with a loosely based deal concerning otis redding and the folks that he recorded bucatini james. Those are the ones that gave him. The opportunity wouldn't be another running without those guys. What else tax do deals and much of a bad euro talented jim stewart had the odor stacks. He gave them the opportunity oldest camp there one afternoon one evening. Go ahead and record. He was rhody for john jenkins. The guy went from maton georgia oldest part of the journey. Jason spam jenkins with chuck berry. Wannabe those guys went from macon georgia drove from georgia. All the way up to memphis tennessee and got out and he was unloading the equipment and everything. Those guys look was those musicians and everything. We're looking at him talk. This guy is not the buonarroti ever heard of him with any other. Johnny jenkins started the recording session. Nothing really came out of it and all throughout this is all throughout the session was up their segment. I can sing i sing. Hey yell i can sing. I can sing so finally l jackson. Just want to. steve cropper. Who was kind of leading the session and he was like. Hey man you do me a favor. This motherfucker over here is just talking about i. Can sing can sing. And this guy's getting on my last nerves could you just. We got a little time left. Can you just humor this. Guide them on the microphone. Let them so. We can get the hell out of here. I got a gig tonight over at the plantation in my other job so i just don't have time to be listened to this guy talking about. I think. Just go ahead and do that for me. So they look for otis oldest.

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