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Five and 6 40 You have Dr Wendy Walsh with you. This is the doctor any well show. Okay, So as I'm landing, what I'm about to tell you about ways to help a man to fall in love with you, Um, the questions air coming in so fast on social media. I want to read a couple out to you that our apropo um this woman says, I have just started seeing a guy I really liked, but he flies a lot, and when he's home, it's golf. Etcetera was right there golf more important than her. How do I make him want to see me? We text every day and talk on the phone. Every 2 to 3 days. I thought we both had a connection. Because the first time we spent five hours together the second time, three hours. Can you help me understand this? Before I answer this woman's question, and I will be taking everybody's phone calls by the way of fighting the five o'clock hour. Um, let me read another one. Doesn't this sound very similar? Don't worry. It's not the same guy. It's this is what men do when women don't negotiate early on, but I'll get to that in a sec. So here's another woman who rides to be on instagram. The guy I'm dating, spits dating in quotation Marks came on strong for the first three weeks, and we saw each other a few times a week. We made out but no sex. He continues to call text at least 1 to 2 times a day but doesn't initiate any effort to see me anymore. He's busy launching his own business, and he's on a strict diet. But what the heck? He lives two miles for me. I'm typing this. I think I know the answer to my question. But her real question is, she says, what's in it for him? I'll tell you what's in it for him these halfway back up mate, texting relationships that go nowhere. They actually satisfy a piece of their lonely mind. It tells their lonely brain that if they wanted to real you in they could and they want to keep you just there in orbit. So that and women do this to two guys so that their attachment anxiety has calmed down, But they don't have to get any closer. We should also remember. Many men are quite satisfied texting women and using pornography for sex. I know it's a whole new world. So the answer to both these women is probably on these relationships. You should just let them go. But the answer to everybody else is you need to find a guy. Who's at his state of readiness. You don't want to find a guy and say I'm going to turn myself into perfection and he will fall in love with me. Because that's not authentic and said, You're going to quietly negotiate and ask him if he's ready for a relationship from the beginning as if you're auditioning him. Men love competitions. They love tryouts for the team. You need to let them know that you've got standards from the beginning, so be clear about your boundaries. Ask him what he's looking for. And if he gets into this text thing where he's not calling you for dates, just give him radio silence. We're done. Okay. Now, let's assume you meet a guy who's at his state of readiness. How do men fall in love? What can women do to help a man fall in love if it's not give him sex. Well, number one be a safe place for his heart and for his tender feelings. Men's worst fear is that they'll become vulnerable. And you'll laugh at them. Literally the first time my boyfriend said the words I love you to me. You know what words followed immediately afterwards, but I'm scared. He was scared If he admitted he loved me, then he was becoming vulnerable. And that's scary. So you need to be the safe place for him to keep his tender thoughts. Also, men do read men and women. We all want to feel valued in a relationship and I'm talking here about men. They want to be the hero. They want to win, and they need to feel like the hero in your eyes. So you need to be his cheerleader. You need to be impressed by him. And I don't mean lying. I mean, literally. Why you with somebody? You're not impressed by them, right? But you need to tell him The things that you see in him. You know there a lot of women out there thinking Well, he's just gonna be so into himself. If I will just give him all these compliments all the time. I'm gonna let him think like, I'm not so sure he's the one. No, he stays around because he feels good about himself when he's with you. Also reward his good behavior. Ignore his bad behavior. If you were spending your time, why don't you text me? Why are you calling where we go anywhere Nice anymore. He doesn't want to be around you That doesn't feel good, instead catch him being good and give him wonderful rewards for it. And on your side. You need to be authentic and vulnerable to And fall in love with human beings, not women who try to be perfect. He wants to hear your truth. He wants to hear your authentic vulnerable feelings, even if they're scary to express You got this ladies find a meta state of readiness have clear boundaries about what you'll put up with. And if he's ready, that's how help how to help a man fall in love. Hey, I got a text from one of my exes last week and I'm like, Why is he texting me like he's married? What's this about? So I dug into the research because that's what I do for all of us. Whether you're a man or a woman, If you've had your ex text you I'm gonna explain what's going on. Psychologically. You are listening to the doctor Wendy Walsh Show on K. If I am 6 40 After the next segment, I will be taking your calls. If you don't know the number. It's 1 805 to 01534. That's a five o'clock 1 805 to 01 K. If I Right now. Klytus. Tiffany has got the news for you..

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