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I didn't think balance who is going to pull it off. But he did the game took more than five hours to complete the dodgers and brewers though will be back at it. Just a little while game. Five is this afternoon Dodger Stadium, John Baird KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. Anaheim could be without the angels the team telling the city it's opting out of its lease for angel stadium in Anaheim, then B's team can look for new home or negotiated new lease with the city. Anaheim city spokesman Mike Lester tells KNX the city is developing the area around the stadium similar to LA live next the staple center in downtown LA, the building going on next to the stadium the cranes and sort of this excitement that's going on. And we as we. Look at the stadium long-term. It is a fantastic place to play baseball into enjoy a game. Lester says the city is optimistic deal will be reached to keep the angels for a long time angel say the move is procedural because if they don't opt out now they can't opt out for another ten years says it would meet with city leaders after the upcoming election, which new mayor will be chosen mayor Tom Tate was critical of the team's lease proposals during negotiations for years ago. The angels have been in Anaheim at the big as nineteen sixty six after moving from Los Angeles. No. Night's mega millions drawing and Friday's jackpot expected to get closer to the billion dollar Mark right around sixty eight California lottery officials say one ticket whistled San Francisco at bats five of the six numbers. Drawn were three forty five forty nine sixty one sixty nine and the mega number nine. If someone wins at jackpot Friday be the second largest grand prize in US history, Orange County public health officials confirm an elderly woman from Tustin has died of complications from West Nile virus infection. It's the first West Nile virus death reported in the county this year, and it comes less than a week after LA county reported its first West Nile virus death of the year, Orange County has seen eight infections reported LA county more than forty the majority of those people ended up being hospitalized Pasadena has its own health department officials there say they have not had any confirmed West Nile virus cases so far this year. The same goes for Long Beach most cases of West Nile infection that happen each year. Go unrecognised, Dr Mount Zion is the medical director of the epidemiology. Division at the OC healthcare agency. So what gets tested for and what to get the dentist is severe illness people older than fifty.

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