Walmart, Amazon, Five Ten Fifteen Thousand Dollars discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show


Yeah but they have an expectation of privacy because you're not there and they're talking to the realtor now now i and hey might save me some money you really think that's okay what would you think that's okay if that happened to you you're looking to buy a house and you find out later that they eavesdropped on your conversation and that's why they drove such a hard bargain and it may have cost you five ten fifteen thousand dollars would you think that's okay i just think we're getting out of control with this stuff man totally out of control and we go from home spying to another technological advance home grocery delivery walmart is trying to keep up with amazon amazon with whole foods now and they're talking about if you have amazon prime included in your amazon prime maybe some free delivery of groceries to our whole foods delivery in six cities if you're a prime member pretty cool walmart goes oh yeah well we're going to catch up to you so they've got a couple of things going on one of them is you have to live in one of these metros i think one hundred metro areas they're doing the first one the second one is smaller number metros and what they're saying is you can go online for walmart and shop for your groceries click everything you want and we will have a personal shopper put all that in a basket check it out for you with your credit card number and then we'll call you it's ready you pull up to the door and we'll put all the groceries in your trunk and you're on your way that sounds pretty cool hey if you've done that i would love for you to call me and tell me how that went.

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