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System was revealed by GM exact Mike Anderson at an industry event this time. Try power is going to be a suite of tech features kind of cool stuff designed to boost fuel economy on the two point seven liter turbocharged four cylinder engine that. They're putting in a truck. I know that a scares people to death when the lender. Oh, I get that in not the engine for everybody. And I get that. But it is the engine for a decent amount of people that just drive a truck more realize it's the truth to if you really think about how you use a truck. Now, if you're hauling heavy stuff, obviously certain things that we're going to say as we sit around the little round tables. I talk about all the time. There's certain people it's not gonna work for there is a large group that this would work for there's a lot of people that just have trucks because they want a truck you got it. We we trade them in and the beds are pristine, and you think to ever throw even just a piece of lumber in the bag now, I didn't try power thing on on the two point seven liter. Turbo charge. Does several things like cylinder deactivation that can shut off two cylinders. So you'll for four cylinders down to cylinders have four-cylinder didn't scare you enough down with two. Yeah. But let's get where you're going down the highway and you're up to speed and you're on cruise control two cylinders will probably do all you need to do and increase. Your fuel economy active. Thermal management is also going to be on this. That's one of the one of the try power things, and it can increase or decrease the temperature in various parts of the engine to keep it running more efficient think about that. That's kind of a cool thing that they have just a temperature insider and variable intake lift that changes how long intake valves stays open at certain engine speeds. Once again, all about improving fuel economy, cool stuff to me that that one is the most amazing because obviously they're taking away like lifters and things like that. They're doing it all with a computer now. Valves and everything because you know, it used to be that is the camps. And I don't know this. Maybe they just haven't sort opens longer with a maybe a longer stroke on open or something. But I just really feel that it's probably being done with computers these days eliminating mechanical stuff, they used to be in there for what it's worth less to break down. No. Makes sense because if you just these temperatures and just all those sites, obviously. Of cylinders heads going to be the way of the future. And how they are going to gain a little more fuel economy all the time. So amazing. And good for them for you know, like I said having the smarts to be able to do this and everything the geniuses the work on it. But I just can't I can't fathom a lot of it. The you finally accept the fact that someone some genius did this. And now someone did it and kind of rewrote the body. And that's some totally rewrote the book. It's amazing. So you know, how the original try power worked? No it was. It was do, you know, the other named trips was a comment trips? Gonna actually try power is the one. I remember that's. Trips. I do remember that being thrown around out there. But I remember I remember Tripard didn't remember trips till you said it. The whole thing. Kind of started in fifty seven Chevrolet Chima with a new small block engine that actually only increased their horsepower by one horsepower. But that was a big deal that got me acts going at it because boy back down the divisions. I think used to kind of work against each other all the time a lot of competition. I do mean against each other. I didn't say that by bag, and so the Pontiac that three forty seven which I settled for three fifty one article I found three forty seven five point seven leader was new that year and it had two four barrel. Carb setup to. I'm right on that yet two four barrel carb setup, and it you could get the new hot option that try power which replaced down on the on the Chevy. It was actually an early fuel injection believe it or not set on that one horsepower border. So the try power replaced it. But if the with the they also had a barrel available. So I wanna start off at the beginning. You get a two barrel on top of the engine which really ran well because just going to run better the four barrel. Of course, get you more. Horsepower was a gas guzzler bad news that way didn't run. So well at Neidl ran well, when you're you know, you're wrong, but didn't run well in idle, so they were trying to figure out kind of a compromise between the two things of getting a little more horsepower. But still having run. Okay. When you're just sitting there to stop late in the classic old when you see some of the sixties vehicles in their womam alum, and they're just they're just not happy because they wanna they liked to be wide open with four barrel going on. So so they figured out a way to add two more barrels to the setup. And so that's why it's trips. So it takes you three two barrel carburetors on top of the intake. Which was a very unique look, and and and the concept was the center one was your two barrel carburetor digit run on time, and it just would allow idol well, and and then run along well and do probably ninety percent of your running. But then when you would hit the gas pedal, the other two would open wide up and the six barrel carburetor, basically, and they would just dump the gas in and make you go fast bottom line, Chico fast. Right. But, but there was there was a whole lot engineering. They started off with with a soul the way down the side. It was kind of woulda Justice to make it happen. Right. And they ended up with and that's the one that I had was one with the linkage that all just you talk about intricate linkage in whenever everybody's trying to find. What are these historically to put on a car? It's always the linkage that's hard to find out very lucky to find one that had all that linkage all attached. Because. It was very complicated. When the gas pedal goal away to the floor. All this linkage would kick in and all the barrels would open up and just dumped the gas. And the thing the big thing was you know for. And I think everyone knows this. But the gas actually is mixed with air, and it makes like a wet gas that goes in, and that's what causes the spark and everything and the problem with the former other brands, but it was a lot of times the with a two barrel. It was much more easy to get that ratio. Right. But as soon as you open up that four barrel, also, and you had this dump a gas, and then you had to immediately get more air mixed in there. And it was hard for them to get that balance. Right. And then I could imagine how much harder was was six and everything that was that was a big piece of puzzle was figured out how to make those the two two barrels that weren't being used all the time. Seal uptight, didn't get a vacuum leaked at all. That would screw up. The whole system has proved magazine and air for them to once again. Yeah. And then so that you'd be lean and the thing with four barrel. If you remember other times viewed flood the engine all the time on those too much gas if you just right on those that that's a flash factor. Four barrels. They were unforgiving screwed up. There was a book your your your you'd have to wait till it aired itself out the nose. News thing you always had pushed the pedal all the way to Florida just open those air vents up and get it to help. And it would start it up for you. Yeah. You're constantly dumping all gas on killing your engine. That's a bad flashbacks. Very young was the those four barrels, and if you flooded on my show it off the hard ones threatened people wanted them. No a thing. It was like everyone wanted the four barrel wanted the power. A lot of people will get that tube. Where actually the two barrel really performance. Performed a lot better for ninety percent of your driving. So this whole try thing was just genius because it also saved on fuel. So as early fuel economy running down the two zero most of the time instead of that big gas guzzling four barrel, and but let me give you some stats so in nineteen fifty seven two barrel on on the three fifty. I'm gonna call it meat two hundred forty four horsepower case on the to Pearl the four barrel bumped it up from two forty four to two seventy horsepower. When when you put the trips on it to try power two hundred ninety horsepower, which today's standards. Yeah. Yeah. When I talk about the. With the the four cylinders the cylinders not. You're right. Silverado I'm talking about. It's got more horsepower than this. So so one from the the force the two barrel went from two forty four horsepower all the way up to the trips to ninety so virtually fifty horsepower additional which is huge. Sure. Beckton that was huge today. Not so much. Was so popular that it ultimately ended up. The Chevrolet got into an Oldsmobile even Buicks headed on it. And of course, name badges out amid where the badge of honor thing too. If you remember the part that amazes me and to their credit for the time and everything is a lot of time. You get these older vehicles. These old, you know, hot rods for what they were and everything and they'll raise them against these new cars and these older cars win consistently which you would think with the new technology in the more horsepower. These new cars would just blow them out of the water. And but I gotta say if you ever watch those races, and you see what's going on is they are not using the kind of racing engines that are out there today. They're actually using more of an old style engine in the newer car. Is that just don't have all the latest latest and greatest. Yeah. Charged engines and everything I love to watch those old, you know, every now, and then YouTube puts a lot of them on where someone races like a two thousand seventeen against a sixty two or something. The sixty to a blow it away in your lake. Wow. And you're in real life and not that this isn't real life because it's an actual race. And they both do wanna win. But they're not racing. The latest technology because it would blow it out of the water. Satellite off as much as I'd like the older ones. Yeah. One. I remember now is like the new probably seen it at some point on YouTube was the first batmobile against the newest batmobile and everything and I it's consistently beat every Bama Bill has been out since. That's our last piece the cars that are stars. Oh, yeah. There you go. Talk about the family deal. I'll tell you what let's take a break. When we come back Detroit auto show wrapped up this week. And we'd be remiss if we didn't at least talk about it a little bit. Had some ups some downs. Lot.

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