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Paul Shrager high atop the rack, and this place is spirited and a really good start for are you with this five point lead. And this crowd was was ready to go from the very beginning. Maryland made their first two shots six then over seven Rutgers has done a great job turning up the defense, three blocks already and to those blocks turned into baskets for Rutgers. Rutgers four for nine and two for four from three and those two three sometimes Russia's doesn't make more than two and a game a good sign to see those shots, go down. And you can just see when you make shot. As we said in the beginning about the keys, you just relaxed employees to put the wall more pressure or Maryland, Maryland struggling a little bit in her half court. Offense defense really got a good job. And with Carter endorsing Johnson. You're three big players who can play against the Maryland big bell Smith is more of a perimeter player. But so far they've got a they've done a nice job on him. What's interesting is one of the points. You talked about earlier was Maryland can be as good as they are in the art really good team. They can be a little sloppy with the basketball, and they have been so far especially with the interior passing. And obviously. Coach charges not too happy about some of these things. So he's made some substitute early. Sorelle Smith is in a freshman at Saint Petersburg, Florida. Also, Ricky Lindo junior has checked into the game Fernando is back as well with Wiggins and Cowen west return of McConnell Running's appointment for Rutger Smith, four star recruit notice. Microwave catches it shoots shopping for Rutgers GIO Baker has it on the left wing. Come right side for Chom cross-court pass McConnell shot clock at ten. Donald quarter court chased by Smith step back. Jumper is to be no good. Because of an offense afoul eight pushed off. Shot that go anyway, but McConnell picks up the personal foul. Connel's really played. Well, the last couple of games Jerry over twenty five minutes a game deductions been excellent bekker's picks up passport. Fernando has it top of the king Gibbons tours left and off goes to Wiggins Wiggins top and keep bounce pass the counteract logo farside bounce pass for near stolen. The takeaway McConnell dissipation McConnell. The foul line pull up jumper is. No good gets his old miss one dribble. Kicking out Baker left side three. No good. And the ball is going to be rebutted by Fernando's place might have exploded the deck on great great play by Ronald here's Cowan defense clears over the shoulder throat comes out two wickets for three back of the rim. No good. And the ball rebounded by Chom. Good box out there on Lindo, Maryland, not getting any second shots. Rutgers doing a great job on the defensive glass miles Johnson one on one with tornado right lane jump with a right hand. No good. And the ball rebounded by Lindo. I liked that move though, taking in one of two one of the best players in the country. Dismiss. Eleven six the leap for Rutgers Maryland the ball. Cowan has it past the right side for Smith. Smith left handed dribble. Top of the key pickup. Luma back to the right side for Wiggins. Download Fernando spins on the baseline up the left hand. No. But a foul call. They think on shack Carter. And indeed call. At time Fernando came from the left side of Ford or the right side. Four posted up in front of the Rutgers bench kind of fake like he was going to go to the middle then spun along the baseline of quarter came over to help and fouled. Mentioned Fernando earlier Seventy-three percent coming any two for two so far. Free throw here is no good. Ron Harper junior will check in for the first time, replacing shack Carter at Fallon shack was I. Rutgers is played ten players. So far jury second free throws good. Yeah. What both teams so far deep into their Ben Cher teams have played ten Montana's. Mathis gives Baker his first break so one or two four Fernando, and it's eleven seven Rutgers twelve thirty one to play here in the first. O'connell run of the point to the right side beyond the arc pick up his dribble up top ISA Chom fake three pass it left for Mathis. Cowan on him now from a Connell left wing. No look pass down low for Harper shot blocked away by Fernando while what a block in the hands of Cowan got up quick on that and at a nowhere. Cowan jump past the right side for Lindow return passed to Cowan. Now nearsighted Smith. Smith to the top of the key shall pass right side. Cowan long three back to the rim. No good long rebound track. Now by Ron Harper junior. Here comes Harper driving all the way to the basket. We'll get a bumping foul on Maryland. I won't get a time out eleven fifty one to play here in the first. Rutgers eleven Maryland seven on the Rutgers IMG sports network. Locos basketball fans. I'm state farm agent, coal Peres.

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