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In south center. Tomorrow night, crews will narrow northbound I five to just two lanes over the Duwamish river bridge that closure is gonna last all weekend until five AM Monday. Tom Pierce with the department of transportation says he's concerned about all of the people still away for the holiday, and the fact that they'll return over the weekend only to find northbound I five a parking lot where it meets I four zero five five eighteen and five ninety nine drivers really need to think about doing something else. Take light rail use some of the alternate routes like five oh nine or ninety nine or four. Oh five. If you're headed north particularly north of Seattle northbound I five south center down to just two lanes starting tomorrow night at ten through early Monday morning. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. Coming up. Terrible traffic reduces a mother to tears. I'm Corwin Hake with the campaign to fix some of the states worse. Congestion. Aaa traffic updates at Ted. Oh, four as we do it. Every ten minutes on the fours. Kierra Jordan checks in with the latest and had a crash last hour, we're dealing with how we doing. We're still working with this crash. It's in Seattle. It's not on the highways, but this is pretty serious suppport avenue at Spokane street and last time we spoke all lanes were blocked on fourth. We've made some improvements. Southbound lanes have been reopened looks like we still have one northbound lane block where we're still dealing with a little bit less than a half mile backup heading northbound on fourth into that area. We're also working on a crash northbound ninety nine at the first avenue south bridge, and that's creating a bit over a half mile backup there northbound I five that it's tough from Michigan to Seneca northbound four or five is packed from Talbot thirtieth, and plus you find additional slowing impact toria. We have scattered slowing on southbound four.

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