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Got the reluctant canoga park so i specific he's standing ucom steve thank you can't we all need obama polls give us good jobs we can all bowl with minutes committed yeah just get enough out without the minutes doesn't get much good no not at all let's talk about jobs real now you've got you gotta generous carolina and i understand the numbers looking pretty good actually especially with black unemployment but across the board i'm gonna you seen a difference when you go to the market if your you know out and about and talking to people are you seeing a difference already now in terms of the job market and what that means in terms of all the local businesses where we are as a matter of fact there was a report out they were trying to hire there were not enough people feel like trump and they were looking for people and i really think that the reason why a lot of these corporations and companies have given eastbound and giving these pay raises and get the need our lead our rate razors because they don't want to move employees correct worth it because it has created the atmosphere we could want to be able to pick and choose whatever you want what we love our people are optimistic when they stop us in the airport at the grocery store when we're all in a ball they are optimistic black people white people people that just walk up to utah the president he's doing a wonderful job and so that's what we are so excited about now this is a big midterm campaign coming up in 2018 in their everyone's telling me the democrats are gonna take back the house in nancy's going to be the speaker hold met big all hammer up there again at the are you going to be out there on the stump regan to be campaigning for people if they ask you to come out and do some rally we are trying to do to grab worked round let me tell you what we don't we got a fourcity tour starting off in jacksonville florida on february the 19th we want people to go and get your tickets at diamond this dot com.

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