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Carlesimo mentioned We have it. Frank Vogel was asked by Mark Testa. Sure how he looks here in the bubble intothe task a hand. It's not really a whole lot of talk about Title championship and all that it's It's really about the details of that day and what we have to do to win that game. Tonight. You think that's coachspeak map? 11 points, two rebounds. One assist. One Block four for four Lakers 23 7 testing PJ back to you. LeBron's got those 11. You got Morris Green and Caldwell Pope, each with a three and Anthony Davis. The leading score. Don't need never shot up. No points not necessary hasn't been needed yet. The sad part about it is every time the Lakers double James Harden. Houston's get nowhere They want in the middle, but they can't do anything with it. They can't finish inside Mr Easy shots early on in the couple of perimeter shots they had. They wouldn't go either Rockets or 3 12. They haven't basket to our right. James Harden stop and start offensive foul harden that time on the bushes he was trying to get inside the lane. Number one on James Harden other rockets. Turnover. Don't mis understand listeners. I'm not saying the officiating is not good, but every call is also going against the rock on top of the way they're playing. Anthony Davis has two assists will find LeBron James. A three pointer is going to miss You Chased it the rebound coming down to P. J. Tucker down floor Harden Green poked it away momentarily. James has it 5 15 to go first quarter down 23 7 Eric Gordon. Clothes underneath, gets peeled off by LeBron James, who chases him into the deep left corner. Now Gordon drives past Jeff Greene takes it back to the basket reverses it in Jeff Greene's The One guy who has been able to finish inside shot three. Well, particularly in the okay, see serious, but he's been strong finishing inside against Los Angeles. Basically, no one else in Houston has done that 23 to 9 Lakers under five minutes to go in the first games, holding against Gordon on the right inside the Ark James Stutter step on our travel. All as the leader was actually Eric Lewis on the slot that time, said James was twitching and getting set to move. He shuffled the good news for the Rockets. LeBron's getting arrest right now, with 11 points on four or five shooting little run here for the Lakers. And a two touchdown lead to protect missed extra 20.23 to 9 years hard all the way deep, lays it in from the right side 23 11. I like Koosman. He's not engaged defensively. Usually is not. That's something he's gotta add to his game. Rhonda was trying to find Kuzma in the mid post. Austin Rivers gets called for a foul ball that will be number one on rivers 13 foul against the Rockets. First quarter continues. Pope will inbound from the far right side in Iran does quickly left side Kuzma for three hits a triple on his first shot attempt to game five. Shut up, coach. They pay me to make shots not to play defense. Who's been struggling with the three ball under 30% in the playoffs. Great. No look pass from hardened, agreed another Miss Point blank. That time by Jeff Greene. Anthony Davis was in his face. That was good defense by A A C P receives the past wheels and cans. Another three The Lakers have open game 57 of 10 from three point land. They got 18 point lead. Mike D'Antoni's got his mask off that's usually yell at the officials Right now he's getting on his team. Austin Rivers bodied on a layup attempt from the right side of the time on his left hip. Well, if if Anthony Davis has zero points, LeBron James is on the bench. Morris Green Caldwell Pope includes hitting threes. It's going to be a long night for the Rockets. Mike's really upset what he's telling his team is to pack it in. Gotta help the next guy. Somebody get speaks. The next player has got to be there defensively, like very animated kind of running up and down the sideline in front of the Houston bench. There's free throw for Austin Rivers is no good, Another story line we need to mention as well. Daniel House who did not play the last two games. There was an MBA investigation that he had a guest in his room over multiple hours Tuesday. Hey, left the bubble yesterday for violating campus health and safety protocol, but they Miss his on court production in this, It's also major major distraction. First of all, they weren't sure what was gonna happen while the investigation was going on in your place, you're not going to play. That's terrible what he did to his teammates, particularly when you've got an opponent like the Lakers to begin with. Daniel House was averaging 11.5 a game just under six rebounds. He shoots 36% from the three point line. He is sorely missed by the lamp. On the other end, KCP easy for the Lakers after Austin Rivers missed a couple of free throws on the other end, 31 11, the Laker leaders balloon 20. With 3.5 minutes to go in the first quarter elimination night at the Laker. If the Rockets don't get off the mat, Austin Rivers jab Step Left Wing three on its way. No Good Rondo the long rebound. This's the area. They've got to get under control. You could miss some shots, and obviously they're struggling. But you can't give up a bucket every time down the floor. They need some stops out on this end loops it Tio Anthony Davis base like cut past Alex Caruso lays it in 33 11 Lakers. Davis doesn't have a point, but he's got four assists as he drops the dime. Caruso James Harden, just inside the art passed on top to Ben McLemore. Facto McLemore drives lost the ball whistle on the baseline foul will be called by John Global. Our lead official here with 2 43 to go in the first Macklemore that time will pick it up his first That is the fourth team found the quarter against Houston. You know, it's a tough night whenyou 6 10 center forward. God, whatever you wanna call Anthony Davis. Dribbles in and drops a dime to the small point guard. The Lakers had 21 point leading game to 23 point leading game for they have a 22 point lead here and we are only 10 minutes in the game five drives picks to the corner partners all over him like a blanket. Caldwell Pope will give it up to Kuzma on the wing with five to shoot back to the basket. Slides to his right off balance. Three. Good off, tipped in the air. McLemore's got it for Houston. One thing Houston's doing his defensive rebounding, James Harden stutter Step Now, the step back three. No good got knocked down after the shot. No call Lakers coming the other way past into the right corner. Caldwell Pope. Casey tried the Ripper move Got it stolen away by Covington leading the N B A and steals per game here in the postseason down 20 to Goto Harden on the right launches a triple and connects 1 48 to go in the first back to back stops for Houston..

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