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Is use the promo code download the secret gap today and use promo code F F B for ten dollars off on your first purchase. That's promo code F E for ten dollars off your first purchase. Why is the name escapes me like Turkey had clearly a deep fried Turkey, had a big Turkey wing? What is it called? It was a Turkey fried Oreo. Okay. Karen. Cavs cell. Way Davis is back. So Scott Goldberg is really good. Is now a setup man. Way Davis is fine. I don't have my top ten closers, pretty close. You know, getting thirty saves if he stays healthy. Look Jackson blew the yesterday. But there's no sign anyone else in Atlanta's bullpen getting save and they're not getting Kimble. Now, I think Jackson saving thirty thirty games a season. Tristen does not. You don't have, you know, I could get on board with import after three days, the last time we talked about what was on board. So I do you're on board on Thursday. We play that back. I think you were like he's bad. He's gonna lose the job to I don't know Kevin Gaza. The problem is I do think to Tucson has the stuff to overtake him. I prefer, I prefer his Ross stuff too. And by the way, that's not who they're using as setup guy. They're using nukem Anthony sports act primarily. There isn't competition right now. Greg Holland has run saving five weeks. That's just unbelievable to me. And it's not like he lost the job. They're setup core is particularly problematic. And this is the most unluckiest thing you can have a Jit closer. It's working for your for your team. And it's not working for the Diamondbacks. Now granted little different. Overall structure taking the bullpen out of the equation, but still gonna remind team. I have them in several leagues. And I feel like I made a good call. He's back. He's of bridge is what I mean. Your complete lack of bridge, and they have complete like a bridge. I can't I benched in wherever I could one save and five weeks three the other one, by the way, who's getting surprisingly chances Felipe Vasquez. Yes. Similar reasons. Kennedy's bad Baltimore's bad. But like zone is a five hundred team Pittsburgh's same thing. This is ridiculous like a weird season for closer, first of all, very, very little turnover. All right. So, like I have a league in which I need to have to relief pitcher spots. And I- Greg Holland in one of them, and he's doing nothing. I might as well use Matt Barnes, or, or a good setup man once say, invive weeks and finally this week, I've just put starting pitchers in my release spots. Martine Peres's in there. I can't remember what the other guy is. I'm like, I'm tired of this. I lose saves literally every week because of Holland and the second spot has been like a Boston reliever at times Tampa Bay reliever times Leclerc who I drafted. It's I'm tired of deal with this, this too many teams. It's a third of the league Tristan. It's not getting saved chances for their guys. And the other is that in including some of the third, you mentioned almost a half is doing some sort of closer by committee approach. I think this should be a Combi you this well have to take a look at this because now the last compare this the recent seasons. A third teams are just not giving their closer save chances. I will. Yeah. I notice it's myself because I was trying to make the anti-oil 's comment in the closer chart today. And I couldn't do it because the Orioles were not down at the very bottom in terms of generating overall team chances the season which I found very odd. You'll look at their total number of saves down near the bottom, but not the opportunities in the ninth innings of the traditional ones. I would bet the listeners of the show would dispute that there's been a lot of turnover though. But I think you're right. Because at the top tier. They've been pretty rock-solid. They have kimbrel investors might be disappointed because they're not giving a lot of chances to their clothes. I think they will. I think that's going to correct itself a little bit. But I see what I see your point. Yeah. All right. There's two pencil and ask you about quickly. Yes, I want to ask you about the Marlins. And I wanna ask you about the Mariners what to do with those two. You know you could say that surge aroma lost the.

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