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I want. What's this what's this? You don't need to tell me about the rules are the rules. No rule says if you break the deal you bust the deal you face the wheel say bus the deal face the wheel the deal face the wheel but did you see dirty. John the video on network. No so it's about this guy. He's kind of bit of a stocker right. Knee gets involved with this woman and her kids are like weirded out and the by anything so it's a long thing it was. It was first article in the New York. Times are the times to become this podcast and yeah and so the girls you know she fights off at the end. Like how were you able to fight him off? She's just like I just thought about all those Zombie movie I watched was just like I just fight them to keep on fighting. You know basically like shooting that guiding thing just keep going. Just keep going until you can't do it anymore. I've often you know I'm fascinated by the Zombie movies. The apocalypse movies the end of time kinds of stuff is kind of comforting right. It's like you don't have to file taxes if Hawke ellipses coming. You're like you know itemize my take a full idiot for it but in my mind the apocalypse means you don't have to go to work all starving to death. Tina Turner's our boss. Trump'S A bad leader. Yeah yeah that's burner. She's like China Town. This bomb blast yeah. It's a power struggle between master and blaster and Tina Turner Aunty entity and it's a terrible system of government. Put Two men Antonoff one man Lee done Dome Dome Toilet Paper at this point in time. No I don't mind having a dirty but in the apocalypse away tyzzer you just use rubbing alcohol. You can't get in the pharmacies anymore. What yeah peaked in the local walgreens? It's all gone. It's all gone off the show people come on. That's one of our listeners. Are Curtis wanted us to do as a cooking with drag Queens video where we make hand sanitizer at home if you could find find alcohol okay. We have vodka and some Aloe Vera Gel and you mix them together with some like some essential oils. But what's interesting too is like there was a lesbian. Who is accused of setting her home on fire because she got mad? Underlie love Yes yes yes. She sat a bottle of hand side. Hand sanitizer a Molotov cocktail. No Fire So. That Shit's flammable. Well yeah it's alcohol. That is the way it's set on fire. I think somebody actually actually died. So I'm not clear on all the all the situation whether she's actually guilty or not or what happened but I believe she is accused of it. You people laughing about those are terrible but I guess you know the peace. Because they're saying like this you feel guilty no reason for this kind of stuff at this point in time because it's like first of all you know it's not the end of the world you're not gonNA shoot yourself in the crow virus but people are hoarding because wgn did a thing on it and saying like people just don't know what to do. They're hearing all sorts of conflicted messages. Were not getting clear. Directions from the government is really telling us what they're doing and then also to their. It's kind of like a monkey. See Monkey do the people. They're seeing other people do it so like I have to do it too because I panicked. Begets panic and so you just keep buying stuff. You see like these things where like videos online of people with this at the supermarket or wherever and they have like their toilet. Their cart filled toilet paper and somebody's coming over COM TAKEN. The one and then like getting into a fistfight over this be elmo dolls only you wipe your with them wiper with. Toco to wipe your butt with tickle me Elmo and he'll tickle your Alma.

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