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Today and a little bit of breaking news coming your way chase utley of the dodgers going to have a press conference this afternoon it's unknown what the topic is but of course you jump to the collusion that he is retiring for major league baseball we're not sure but again chase utley set to have a press conference later on today at dodger stadium couple of dodgers insiders are saying things like you can surmise the topic you can guess when it's going to be and if it is retirement chase utley had one hell of a career but all i'm going to think of and you know what i'm gonna say he's the guy that broke rubin too hot his leg dirty slide and never got any come up and sport that's that's famer chase utley that's gonna come down for me and so here's an update from producer rob gear from jeff passan chase utley is not intending on retiring right now but his press conference today will address both this present and his future oh he's going to manage the dodgers he's going to take over for dave oh maybe he's got another ball and he's going to become a middle reliever because they need a little bit of panel or he could actually you know he could he could be the closer for the mets right now that is true traded as part of a package to go to the match for jacob degrom yeah so i so i don't get so i don't i don't know what going to be when you have a press conference about his present his future he's okay but again i mean that's that's like it goes one of two ways right you're talking about retirement or you're you're hoping there's not another health well that's the thing is kind of coming up yeah everybody who is tweeting all the baseball insiders who are talking about a bleacher report dodgers are saying look you got andy mccullough of the of the l a times who covers the dodgers said chase utley will be holding a press conference this afternoon at dodger stadium you can surmise the topic so you know if if he's saying that it's going to be three fifteen pm pacific time you're thinking it's a retired now i'm thinking retirement when i when i hear that i hope i hear the dodgers insiders say you can guess the topic is whenever a player who's in his late thirties having a conversation it's about what his future is going to be in about retiring so that's why you know and again alanna rizzo who covers the team as well she's tweeting out his stats hey here's what it's been it's been one hell of a ride for chase utley if that's what it is so you think that's what it is but jeff passan's saying it's not so we have to kind of wait.

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