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In Japan have landed on U. S. soil fourteen Americans who flew back are now confirmed to be infected with corona virus of not everybody is sick Phil and Kay corner of citrus county Florida north of Tampa were made to stay in their cabin aboard the cruise ship now they're back in the U. S. says their daughter Ashley Rhodes courter all have access yeah your doctors and those who were flown back will be quarantined at military bases in Texas and California like earlier evacuees from Wuhan China and been brown fox news there's now a petition drive trying to force US Attorney General Barr to resign over the Roger stone case more than eleven hundred former justice department officials of federal prosecutor signed a statement calling on Attorney General William Barr to step down citing the reversal the sentencing recommendation for stone they also called on current employees to report any suspected unethical behavior to Congress and the department's inspector general at the same time the statement welcome bars recently knowledge meant the video Jay's long forces decisions must be independent of politics stone who was convicted of several felonies in a rush of probe is due to be sentenced in Washington on Thursday in Washington Rachel Sutherland fox news the Texas Army National Guard is moving its recruiting focus to ease sports sat may breeze sergeant Steve Jobs and says they could soon start investing in Texas high school east sports leagues so what we were proposing it's going to be an invitational tournament style we're we're gonna have Sir five major cities around the state Austin Houston and Dallas and San Antonio what we're gonna do an invitational tournament where multiple high schools can come compete there for fun and prizes Johnson says this financial pushes set to start this fall with the tournaments to follow you know it's the shift is due to a change in the youth demographic moving away from major sports and to professional gaming Junglee newsradio kale BJ the central Texas regional mobility authority says the mopac toll lanes.

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