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Typist and oh gosh oh shucks and culpa really that's why i didn't use your name bill that's why didn't use your name hillary see these are fictional characters there and it's really not you and and then of course it was made into a movie but it wasn't technically about the clintons but wink wink it was and at the same time joke line had to or insisted on remaining anonymous when he published the book which was then made into a movie so he got rich off it and everything and in reality it was very sympathetic it was very compassionate it wasn't it wasn't really very negative or hard hitting at all honestly ya ya ya all right let's see i have a lot of other items to get to as well and i love the chris dodd chris dodd took over the former democrat senator from connecticut christopher dodd who captured around with ted kennedy all the time took over the job as head of the motion picture association from originally was jack valenti that ran the motion picture association for forty years or something like that jack valenti was of course a john f kennedy white house staffer and then he went to the hollywood motion picture thing then dan glickman i think it was dan glickman wasn't it that took over another he was a democrat member of congress as well and then it's hollywood after all and then they turn it off to a handed off to the democrat senator from connecticut because after all once in a while he used to go to the movies and of course primary colors when it went to the screen was written by elaine may who is a major democrat party activists in effect and it's also incestuous it's just it's just impossible to dissect all of the incest in washington dc with elaine may elaine may ish tar you know all of that high quality stuff.

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