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She puts her hands up against her chin and pushes and pushes intel her chin and her hands ache. But i have other. Bad habits is like hard still hard to not do. What are some of those habits. I think my one have. It is standing like when i listen to music. I just really excited. Or when i get excited about watching the show or anything. That looks like that's really emotional. I started jumping. Or i. I put my hands over my face. It really really like a plastered. All my face really hard or when i stand though i just you know rock back and forth. It's really bad. Why is it bad. Because i do a lot and it's hard to not do it to stop. Does it feel good to do it or bad to do it. If feels like really like oh my god like it feels nice if those good doing it like like. They did it afterwards. Yeah so why is it bad. It's bad because. I know that my parents are like oh. Don't do it anymore. like stop. that's why you're backwards and so your hands her because you always do that stopped doing it and can't do it anymore. You gotta stop home. Like oh my. I know but it's so hard to stop if you don't do it. What does your body feel like. If i don't do it like body feels like it. Has it had enough of of that get has it. it needs. It needs like for me to do that. Movement and music.

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