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Smartphone to listen to us anytime, anywhere, Plus take out the latest Jersey news, fast traffic and instant whether to download our free. New Jersey one of 1.5 AP today well in Wisconsin in Wisconsin. Ah, Female Virgin is receiving $150 an hour to preach about celibacy. Yeah, $150 an hour. Well, that makes her the highest paid female virgin since Well, Ryan Seacrest. I think Let's check in with the Jersey fast traffic. Joe. We are looking at some delays in Newark on the south side of one and nine in the express lanes coming down towards Wilson Avenue just before 78. It's an accident being cleared from the left lane. Locals also slow coming south into the area on route 10, eastbound and hand over. It's a water main break the right two lanes round of service just east of 2 87. Route one crash in North Brunswick. On the sound down sign your Livingston Avenue that takes out one traveling parkway on the South. Downside of Crash cleared in the area of exit 1 27. Now we're getting reports of a broken down car just off the Driscoll Bridge on your approach Tax at 1 25. The far right lane is out of service. Turnpike top to bottom. We're okay to go. Six still closed and Byram township in both directions. Right near Tamarack Road That is because of an accident indeed delivers great candidates fast. In fact, indeed, livers four times more hires than all other job sites combined appointed talent nest. More at indeed dot com slash credit traffic every 15 minutes. Your next report at 7 48 I'm Mike Barker on New Jersey. One on 1.5, New Jersey traffic is brought to you by inspire Bath and Kitchen, located in Farmingdale inspire offers full kitchen and bath remodels. Or one day tub. The shower conversions scheduled.

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