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To present to the fan base heading into the opener to me again. It's one of those things that it's just a little bit telling a little bit indicative in in in in it's. I think it's a positive sign. <hes> the kids got tools. He was a four star. I think he was the one hundred sixth player in the e._s._p._n. Three hundred in his class the well he's been we haven't heard about him is again. Believe grows year and then nikolsky perry was the guy that was seen as the parents and then after that they went out and got ta martell so the reason you know williams hasn't been in the public conscious. It's just because of that. You know there's always been other guys to talk about. That doesn't mean that the kid can't play. I mean he was ballyhoo top. One hundred and fifty consensus recruit recruit <hes>. I'm very curious to see the way that he plays but again. I'm i'm more optimistic on this news heading into the opener then i am pessimistic well. I think what's intriguing about this game. In particular is that philippi franks did improve last year and one of the reasons why i lean forward. I'm not going to take forward in this game. It's right on the the paul ratings number that i have one of the reasons i lean florida is because i anticipate a guy like dan mullen to continue that development pass four fully bay franks. I have no idea what journal looks like in this game. I have no idea when you're lou. Williams looks like for twenty nineteen but i'm still not going to go out there and bet it because you're only it was one the a job as you mentioned. I mean. This is a guy that went with. Maybe he wanted the job by default. 'cause martell didn't look very good but he still won the job in a spot where the optics of the decision. We're a little bit challenging as you just mentioned so maybe williams does go out there and have a day and it doesn't support a defense as i talked about previous with brad powers hours. I'm wondering what happens to the perception of miami at that point who does play a pretty weak schedule is pretty good at the skill. Positions is always good on defense this. This was the as his defense last year. If darren williams plays well all of a sudden ceiling for miami is dramatically different. I'm kind of rooting for that. Chaos to be totally honest is with you one hundred percent yeah and and and you said it <hes> miami schedules banks. You know there's so many of these like title contenders that are playing like these really hard schedules and those is it. The teams that a lot of people are betting on to win the title. You know these are just brutal schedules. You know if you're looking at some of those futures for me. I'm not betting on a you know. I'm not in alabama obama to win the title or you know stuff like that. I'm just looking to make a couple long-shot flyers and yeah miami's in that discussion because what if you're and williams is good what i mean what am people aren't talking about this. What if he's good you know. We haven't seen miami have a good quarterback for for a little while so i doubt your brain to sorta wants to say it's it's gonna be roggio. It's gonna be parallel ever again but what if he is good and like you said if he is that ceiling goes from like you know they're probably gonna have an eight and four season. That's going to be super. Duper borings to could make the playoffs right because like if they beat florida here in the opener that you're talking about this gauntlet u._n._c..

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