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Welcome let's get into your headlines to mantha what is going on right now all right well we should all be this lucky charlie law guards she bought her first lottery ticket on her eighteenth birthday and what was her gift a million dollars wow only crap yep the canadian team bought her ticket along with the sparkling bottle of wine at a convenience store and now she will be receiving one thousand dollars a week for the life wow yeah wow she said she wants to use it to travel you go girl from canada yeah i mean it's canadian dollars so it's like seventy five dollars the mega millions here is tonight isn't not yes five hundred it's over a half billion dollars tickets yeah i'm going to buy some sparkling wine and buy ticket it's up to five hundred and two million dollars i can't even imagine okay so do you use my fitness pal to track your exercise and diet no okay well if you do there's a good chance your personal data was breached under armor which owns the popular apps says information of about one hundred and fifty million users have been exposed last month so the russians know how many steps i've taken today hacker stole names email addresses and they scrambled passwords but they didn't gain access to social security numbers driver's license numbers and financial information so under armour's working with a thorns to fix this but please change your password if you do use the app and i absolutely love this story guys are getting into that bubble but game underwear for men with padding and enhancement technology in it is i'm going to buy some of this it's going to raise my but i think i might use this for what's trending i haven't fat she waited.

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