Stephen Roach, Naomi Halbrook, Katie discussed on Showcase from Radiotopia - The Polybius Conspiracy #3 The Cassette


While they're investigation into stephen roach left many lingering questions naomi halbrook and her enigmatic cassette brought forth some answers none of which helped bobbies case like any good journalist naomi didn't write the cassette off immediately but did some investigating to see if any of its claims could be substantiated and she started with the missing feldstein boy who had turns out wasn't missing at all what he had told one katie had been abducted by aliens he told another kid the run away some of the content he was constantly always telling these big tales of error chair viewed in the boy i do remember i did a phone interview with his parents and they they said that you know arcade has a really big imagination you know he he loves to tell stories looks fine intentions some time bobby said so you brought that we absolutely need these and parents and there was no police report uh there was nothing official out there there was no newspapers have editor was a surge the police that a search when lose rechannelling the research none of that came up cell was just sort of a rumor i know for a fact that the kid who went missing was interviewed by the police seven tires and why are you saying that she for her wages it was lying or you lying to me right now and you never actually did there now i land all he interviews of done your dry diligent you've heard that on the fucking two the wiz kidnapped and went missing and you still don't even believe it even though the evidence is right underneath your nose.

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