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What do I do? Damn sad situation. Okay. Much of the attention since last week's hearing has been on the politically mobilizing affected had on women, particularly those on the left, but it's triggered something in Republican men to hear was Republican Lindsey Graham at a Senate hearing last Friday, I know I'm a single white male from South Carolina told us should shut up. But I will not shut up if that's okay, gram and Trump or putting voice to an idea that long predates the allegations against Cavanaugh the peril of being a white man in America comes up regularly on conservative talk radio, and it's been amplified in the era of me too. And cavenaugh the blood drenched jihad against this innocent man, this good and decent. Man. We're finding now that the if you're a white male. It's okay to be against white guy. You're out. You're it's done. It's over. I think it's hatred of men, and I said this Rush Limbaugh has been railing against so-called feminazi for decades. Too much commercial. Success? We're so out of balance here. Women activists feminazi women can demand all kinds of investigations into men. Men cannot require or demand investigations into women. You imagine if somebody tried that that was from his show today men are under investigation in this country through cavenaugh or through Trump or whoever the idea being that men are under siege. As women have taken more prominent roles in the workplace as demographic, and cultural shifts have changed the rules with airs is a Republican pollster who argued unsuccessfully in the age of Trump that his party needs to adapt to those changes in areas of the country that are struggling economically, especially small towns and rural areas, those changes are really disquieting. And now the culture that's been so comforting and comfortable is changing as well. So it's no surprise a lot of white matter upset and fearful it's something. President Trump tapped into as a candidate with his talk of forgotten men and political correctness run amok says Frank Luntz and other Republican pollster the idea that you can't say things that you believe to be true that you can't think the way you want stock ten or twenty years ago because there's something wrong with and now as Trump tweeted today there isn't anger among some at how Cavanaugh has been treated Luntz notes that partisan seek to gain advantage from the open wound. That was the Cavanaugh hearing. It has been used by some to try to energize the white conservative mail to say, hey, look now, you're the victim. You're the one who's being punished the day after the hearing conservative host, Laura Ingram offered this analysis on Fox News. I don't think this whole year. The woman thing I wonder if they haven't been off more than they can chew on that. Because I think it could easily as well turn out to be the year of the man who feel like the target is on their back all the time. And it's not fair. And NPR PBS NewsHour Marras poll out today found a big swing in public opinion among men following the hearing with a ten point increase in those saying they plan to support a Republican candidate in the upcoming midterm elections tamra, Keith NPR news. And now to Chicago where police officer Jason van dykes defense team rested its case today, then dyke is charged with murder for the on-duty shooting of a black teenager, Liquan McDonald. It's the first time in decades that a Chicago police officer has been charged with murder for an on duty shooting McDonald case caused major political upheaval in Chicago and sparked reforms to its police department from member station WBZ, Shannon, Heffernan reports when Jason Van Dyke shot the claw McDonald in October two thousand fourteen police I reported that he was lunging at them with a knife. But after political pressure and a lawsuit the city was forced to release a dash Cam video of the incident that video is a fund. The mental piece of evidence in this trial in it McDonald appears to be walking away from officers it shows Van Dyke shooting him sixteen times, including after the teenager was lying on the ground after its release activists took to the streets chanting sixteen shots and a cover up three officers at the scene were charged with conspiracy. Van Dyke was charged with murder yesterday. He took the stand and gave tearful testimony. He waved a knife from his lower right side upwards crosses body towards my left shoulder. When he did what did you do? Awesome. I shot during cross examination. Prosecutors asked Van Dyke to point out where in that infamous dash Cam video McDonald can be seen raising the knife video. Doesn't show my perspective? The prosecution then asked him about an animation created by his own defense team with the goal of showing Vendex perspective. Again, they asked him to point out where the video shows MacDonald raising the knife. It's not showing what I saw. It's showing the back of my head in above me. Van Dyke defense team called a psychologist to the stand to testify about how being a life threatening situation can memory and perception other defense witnesses included people who met McDonald while he was in juvenile detention. They were called incidents where McDonald shot at threats and resistant staff. Sharon Mitchell is a former defense attorney he suspects fan. Dykes lawyers are trying to distract jurors from what the video shows how you decide this case really rides along with your thinking much more about the McDonald's actions or whether you're thinking about Jason van dykes actions in the more the defense can draw you to Kwame McDonnell is the lethal amount of time. You're thinking about what Jason van. Did defense. Also, brought witnesses to testify about the effects a PCP which Donald had an assistant. Prosecutors made the point that lukewarm McDonald is not on trial and throughout this trap. And again, and again showed jurors the video the defense team rested its case today and each side is expected to make closing arguments. Tomorrow before the case goes to the Jerry news. I'm Shannon Heffernan..

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