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Will take twice as long or even longer to get back from a laboratory that if those tests came to our state laboratory I, can turn those around in twenty four to forty eight hours routinely. The sooner we know you're infected, the better we are at managing the isolation, and it's the state of New Mexico. That did all isolation sites, not the federal. Government! And, that's interesting that you can turn it around in Mexico and twenty four to forty eight hours. We're hearing from I've been hearing at least from other states such as Florida, where can take up to a week to get results back me up on. A second thing you mentioned in that in that first answer, and that was about people coming in from other states. Is We've been talking about. Your state has relatively. Lower Number Cova cases compared to your neighboring states like Colorado Arizona. Co patients from say Him County Arizona are now being moved to Albuquerque and treated their due to staffing and equipment shortages in Arizona. Are you concerned about the potential risk? This poses to New Mexican You Bet we are, and we've been watching Jonathan. The hospitalization rates in all of the surrounding states, and early on and I got it new Mexicans have every right to be both concerned about their personal well-being and safety, and that of their families, and what's happening economically, and I had a lot of Mexicans on Texas border areas that do get their healthcare in midland and Lubbock and early on in the pandemic. They said look. We got plenty of access. Access to healthcare providers because I wouldn't let Mexicans travel. If you went over the border, you had to come back in quarantine and I get a lot of pushback about that, but just what we predicted if we aren't careful, those hospitals still up, you participate in moving the virus. Of course, none of our hospitals. It's a illegal and be even if it wasn't no American, would deny in other American health care I mean. That's not who we are. But. It does create real challenges in Mexico, where I have a third, the hospital capacity and a third, the ventilator capacity per capita than any other state in the nation, so as we're picking up support to Texas and Arizona that means that we have less available for folks here, which means I have to do an even better job at managing Kovin and the Mexicans. Mexicans are going to have to have even more personal responsibility and many other Americans and at some point that fairness argument is really I. Hope GonNa play in this political arena because if we don a national..

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