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Them respect the backbone of America the middle class. The stock market is roaring. But you don't feel it. I make no apologies. I am a union, man. I am a union, man. So good campaign line in the terrible mobile superhero. How are we going to stop Thanos? I don't know. But I got to give us free dental coverage. And although Biden, maybe zeroing in on one voting block in particular. He's not forgetting the rest of the country. Choose hope over fear unity over division. We're always do better. React as one America. Donald Trump is only president is the only president who's decided not to represent the whole country. The president has his base. We need a president who works for all Americans. Yes. That's the way America has gotten to candidates now have to promise if they get the job they'll be the president of the whole country. It's crazy because thanks to Trump. That's not a foregone conclusion anymore. You realize that because he got into the White House, and he was like, California suck a fat. Dick, New York. Same to you all the people who voted for Hillary, except my mom, Wisconsin. So you Friday, Florida every Friday, baby. So Biden's, first speech seemed like it was hitting all the right notes connecting with all the people. But there was one thing that keen observers milk. Just the form of vice president was little out of practice. When it came to saying words, I have to rethink how we define what constitutes a successful economy. They see work resist a means to an end not the end in themselves in themselves the same as happening. The big big hospital system for for the United food.

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