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News, which is the best way to gauge what is what the thinking is inside of the Trump White House because they've sort of they have a very symbiotic relationship. Let's put it that way. And here is Harris Faulkner talking about the late Jamal kashogi. Now, some things have come out and we're just reporting the facts. You lease that we don't have to fall down one way or the other on this, but kashogi was tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and in there. That's exactly because it is. So so Craig, that same talking point has been coming out of Saudi Arabia, and it's now found its way into the American media how we used to Putin's Russia having that kind of information flow into the American. Right. How long has Saudi Arabia been at that game? Well, I think it's worth going back to nine eleven, and it's interesting on nine eleven. There were fifteen out of the nineteen hijackers were Saudis and right after the murder of three thousand people in the United States, you saw the Saudi white MAs from seeing this Audi PR machine, go into action, Prince Bandar went on the air. He said, oh, SAMA. Bin Laden was not as Audi when in fact he was that was in many ways, Saudi operation that was whitewashed for many years. And here again, we have fifteen Saudis going into the Saudi embassy and it's done bald. In Turkey to two weeks ago. And again, we see a new whitewash coming up by smearing game, and we've also seen some Republican members of congress, echoing that same smear campaign follow the money is usually a pretty good pretty good strategy in terms of trying to figure out what's going on in the world time magazine reports it Saudis spending on lobbying in the United States, ten million dollars in two thousand sixteen jumped to twenty seven million dollars in twenty seventeen. And according to foreign influence transparency initiative in twenty seventeen Saudi lobbyists contacted more than two hundred members of congress, including literally every Senator. So the Saudis of spreading a lot of money around in Washington. Absolutely. And I think it's worth looking at the president's family specifically, Jared, there was a report that NBS. Mohammed bin Salman the crown prince was meeting regularly with Jared and saw that he was. He had Jared in his pocket, Jared, Jared, Kushner, vastly overspent on some of his New York real estate properties. He's been looking for money. There's been lots of Saudi money going into operation such as like SoftBank, which is a Japanese Bank that's heavily funded by Saudis with forty, five billion dollars being pumped in time. I think especially if the Democrats win the house, we're going to see a lot of investigations and this could be very fruitful area. They should investigate. Yeah. If people want to know that, you know, pop quiz who is the number one investor, the single largest funding source of startups, Saudi Arabia. They're spreading a lot of money renting United States Craig under. Thank you very much for being here. Very appreciate. I appreciate your time and everybody, please checkout. Craig book. It's house of. Of Trump house of Putin, the untold story of Donald Trump and the Russian mafia. Thank you, Craig. Join. Thank you more after the break. It will be the election of cabin. Oh. The caravan law and order tax cuts. We forget about tax cuts all the time. Common sense. Welcome back to joy. Well, there you have it. There is your preview of the next seventeen days. Donald Trump try once again to rile up his base using immigration to stoke their fear of immigrants this time in the form of a caravan of around four thousand Central American migrants fleeing Hundres in the hopes of getting to the United States for sanctuary..

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