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Tragic and she's innocent, a little life, a little baby. Girl's life was lawless. It's not clear yet whether the baby was murdered or perhaps something else happened. They're still looking for her father, some questions over this new police scorecard here in California. It's an analysis done by national criminal Justice reform group fell that nearly half of the people who were seriously injured or killed by police in California's biggest cities were unarmed turn those encounters, according to the time. So you data focuses on the state's one hundred largest municipal police department. We'll use China trade tensions rattling retailers and farmers this morning pressure from the trade dispute between the US and China weighing heavily on the retail sector today. Those talks are set for lower start this morning retailers have seen their shares. Well move mostly lower as they expressed concern over tariff squeezing their businesses. The latest this morning, the owner of Calvin Klein and Tommy hilfiger brands PVA, h company said that it's cutting its full, your adjusted earnings forecast, partly because of the US China trade dispute, and this big announcement today in the farm world, China, the world's largest, soybean buyers, put purchases of American supplies on hold after the trade war between Washington and Beijing escalated, according to a Bloomberg report this morning saw futures pointing slightly higher head of the opening Bill. We see oil also on the rebound slightly of seventeen cents now fifty eight and change. We check plenty and fifty each hour. The next update at six fifty Frank Motech from the money desk, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. Battle over the new clippers arena coming up in ninety seconds at six twenty one KNX afternoon news..

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