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Of those parts, and I really really mired them because. I'm sure that fucked up fucked up on short fucked their careers up a little bit. Making scenes. They really are very bold. In in their portrayal of those characters, and that was at a time when that had enormous career n de risk attached to it. Absolutely I saw that movie was on television. In later years like late night, television and I remember being in the basement, and watching it with the sound at like one out of twenty might face an inch screen like a an ear to the stairs. Just in case anybody came down the most exciting. Movie ever healing of knowing like this is going to mean so much more to me than I wanted to and the guy anybody noticing. Do we to me. It's going in unit did. And where was young John Benjamin Wynn. He seeing that movie in terms of knowing that you were an actor. Oscar say knows gay. I don't think I think I was scared. He that idea that I was gay couples, even more scared of the idea that I wanted to be an active I was doing a lot of Stuff in high school. You know just of recreationally in Dan in college I started doing a lot more but I.

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