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Do you need some water. I would like to help us as the Chamber of Commerce Super Sweet Deal Nice And so after his death according to the mid rash all Israel sought to repay him for his kindness and accompanied him to his grave when they got there they threw him into the tomb and when he came into contact with Elijah's bones he came back to life. How about that? I like it. I'm out I'm out from the beginning of the Mirage says like because I always it always means. There's going to be a reincarnation of some sort I would I would. I wanted to see like a Jamie verse. Rabbis theater after socially distance. Let's have it out. And then I mentioned earlier. That hold up was not only a prophetess but she talked publicly in the school. According to some teaching she was especially knowledgeable about doctrine which is also probably why they came to hers. Because if if the oral tradition lined up with scroll we're good to go. You're trying to do your diligence right exactly. I like. I like that. There were like all these profits. Did they have like province? Hangouts has told US anything new territories like if street. And you're like building from south. Okay Serum I was mainly out in the streets. Zephenia was in the temple and Holda was in the will the school. That's so interesting is I'm okay so let's talk about just is religious reform So he was not the first king to have to go back to making Judah great again as it were His great grandfather a Kaya was another upright king. Who had a bad dad? A has that we talked about earlier. Who would like T- like to burn scrolls has a kyler reinstated the Passover pilgrimage for his generation as well as the tradition of inviting the scattered tribes of Israel to come back to Jerusalem for Passover So I decided to over by executing pagan priests and having the bones of the dead pagan priests exhumed and burned on their altars. That's a hat on that. Wasn't there like a tradition. 'cause I remember reading something. Like the reason he was zooming the bones was because if you burn them been there really gone yes right because then otherwise they reincarnate right. Someone throws them somewhere. They could land us. Sure there's a whole new world so the timeline of events looked like this. When Joseph was sixteen he began to seek the God of David. We don't know why a prompting in his heart the Holy Spirit moving. Someone said something. We don't know when he was twenty..

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