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Complete details we set up a tax relief dot com W. A. B. C. news time coming up on eleven oh five it's time for Joe Nolan with WABC traffic and transit very debt we continue to have this pretty major problem out here on route eighty now on the westbound side if you get on into the area of exit sixty eight all lanes remain closed in the express lane dump truck fire began as an accident the end of the fire started and continues to be there and it apparently is quite the mess so as you travel westbound on AT the express lanes at exit sixty eight you've got that problem down the Long Island expressway as you start to come in down your fact up junction Boulevard through queens Boulevard to disable that one off on the shoulder still in the process of being cleared sunrise highway in Patchogue on the westbound side ocean Avenue there is a collision that also still in the process of being cleared now there are delays of up to fifteen minutes on the Newark light rail main line between Newark Penn station and Broad Street again all this because of ongoing problems fifty minute delays mass transit other than that though really in pretty good shape this morning already it's out of the street parking rules and regulations once again today are going to be in effect I don't know much traffic on talk radio seventy seven WABC Wall Street the Dow was down is sixteen hundred eighty four points the S. and P. is one hundred ninety one nasdaq's down five hundred eight your forecast from the Ramsey Subaru weather center mostly sunny this afternoon highs forty three the overnight low forty one a fifty percent chance of showers on Tuesday with mostly cloudy skies and a high of fifty six sunshine Wednesday the high fifty.

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