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And this is Fox News. Now checking KSFO traffic in San Ramon. We have a sig alert. This is 6 80 south bound between Bollinger Canyon and l cost a boulevard. Entire roadway had been closed. Earlier, a two vehicle injury crash as the two left lanes closed. The two right lanes are open. At one point, the entire roadway had been closed. Emergency crews are on the scene. In Sausalito. We have roadwork. This is on one on one North bound between the Alexander exit and Rodeo Avenue. The left lanes are closed The two left lanes until 11 this morning. Traffic is slow there even this early in the morning. San Francisco 11 South, bounding at 10th Street car collided with center divide several times and in rodeo 80 westbound just after Willow Avenue, a disabled vehicle is blocking the connector ramp there. With KSFO traffic. I'm Mel Baker. Talk radio 5 60 closed simple. So a lot more on the way. I want to talk more about Social media's role in this now that Twitter booted Trump off briefly Now Facebook and Instagram Zucker Burg is doing interviews explaining why he's booted the president, United States off.

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