NBC, Diller, Bill Clinton discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


I want to talk about this warrant proposal because we have talked about in the past the idea of. How would you break up? How would you break up these big companies and at the time, I think these big tech giants at the time. I was like, I don't know. I know there is way and their policy there's policy apparatus that are that are working on this. And the very least this is. I think from anti monopoly folks and antitrust folks, they would say this is a very measured somewhat moderate proposal. I think match Diller made a point on the on Twitter about the Sherman antitrust act actually having criminal a liability as well. But warren. Announce the proposal I guess to today, she's announcing it and it calls for the appointment of regulators who would unwind tech merger. Mergers that illegally undermined competition. And it would also. This is sort of consistent with the the sin fin laws that we used to have syndication laws which. I I think came from movie theaters back in the early nineteen hundreds or mid nineteen hundreds where you could not be a movie studio and own movie theaters. And the reason was because obviously you're going to favor your own movies in these movie theaters, you're going to crowd out the competition of other people making movies. And so and then we saw this in television as well. Bill Clinton rolled this back in the telecommunications act of nineteen Ninety-six where studios and be studios could not sell to NBC television. Because obviously they would be incentivized to only put on projects made by NBC television. And now, you know, the theory, I guess was that well, and it was problematic for several years. And then I think cable basically opened it up quite a bit. The reason why you got that. Union cafe show that Jim fallow. Did was perfect example of like what happens when NBC produces its own shows. God by I was offered it. But let's not get it there. All right. So here's the point. She she is proposing that you cannot you cannot have a platform that both offers a marketplace commerce and participating in that market. So for.

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