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Next week which is a difficult game. But Minnesota hasn't been the Minnesota that we expected to be their big game coming up in week fifteen at Pittsburgh that might decide a buy in the AFC this year. Brady out of the I. Takes the snap gives to Sony shell at a big play to open the second half running left slipping tackles along the numbers to the forty spritz across me feel down inside the forty five in New York. And finally brought down by Darrell Roberts of thirty one yard run for Sony. Michelle. That's a run it starts to the right? But it's an outstanding blocked by the left tackle Trent. Brown has been a couple of penalties. Early. Hope is a big hole and the cutback for Sony. Michelle off the left side Greengrass out in front and Sony. Michelle gets his second half started with an exclamation point. The second longest run is a New England patriot. He's the tail of the I formation Tanda behind deadly. Here's the snap. Five-step drop. Brady. Looks left. Quick throw left side caught by Philip door set in his belly spins to the outside pass me Johnson at steps out of bounce after a gain of seven to the thirty seven yard line. After that first big run to start the second half that look like patriots and goes a little bit of attempt though, they huddle up after that first down. Nice pickup a quick out to the near boundary rhythm pass for Tom Brady. Got gronkowski. Why do the right Eshelman slots of the right eye formation backfield now gone motions Fords? The live snap turn left. Give them a shell pearls forward across the forty to the thirty five yard line. We'll pick up a bout two yards on the Leonard Williams chopped down. But it sets up third down in one for New England. White comes in. Michelle comes off the field. Break Devlin out. So it looks like they want to go more of the spread look. New England just two for six on third down the opening half empty. Empty set Brady under center two receivers left three to his right now who motion white for the wide right side. The backfield is a single back jet. Slow the line Patterson and most of the left snap chat. Sweet the Patterson slips one tackle walk spoiled and has the I doubt jets rallied of the football with three defenders, but he slipped the tackle of Leonard Williams. It would have been good for a loss. Instead Patterson muscles for three yards and a first down letter. William smacking himself on the helmet. It's he missed that. Tackling unblocked player off the foresight. He gets straight up the field and its credential Patterson who they get the jet sweep to the far side. He breaks out one tackle gets north and south and enough to move the chains. Good play design there by the New England Patriots walking by the as well about play. I formation backfield. Michelle the tale of its head of behind deli. Thirty two yard line snap turn left. Give them a shell. Stutter step spins to his laptop some bodies. And pit bulls is way down to the twenty eight yard line on a gain of four. Jordan jenkinson outside linebacker. Swung them down. Four runs. One pass.

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