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Hello welcome to say. Theresa and thank you for joining me in space. and. Bay Sleek. Continuing the theme of Lia. Into Jackson's of some what's into Lewis's? But. It is Stephanie Relate to. Billionaire. season. Has In our communication specifically. The traits that going Leah's sneak ation is rain culminates in able to save on my mind field say will appreciate about. And this exit. Is fully. One thing that I'm reading about is beating. Connecting the two. One. It means to find a beautiful moving sedan. The flex what we believers attributes. One of the issues that I have would. Be Two inch J.. Is. The he soon became for some Folks And I'd I'd say this. Ruffled. To take down the PT Industry. Now. I like. Functions. Like knowing that he was availability. When he chooses to Watch just having a win. The make decisions. Thinks sometimes when we have presented with something. We have no when. What is. Eating. It can. You can fill the nucleated. I like the idea of transparency. So I'm releasing a series of videos. Regarding ingredients southbound eighteen, but us. With the hunt that ACLU station can be scented opinions can be raised with garden shown Silva. Can. Not Wherever this null consensual. Whether Harry's. A hidden concern. Over there is outright concen. Reason. Why feel so deeply to this is Sony because Mike. Mike. MEMPHIS. Is I just wanted to just touch on this Nobel. Use the time spirit tried team will warden sense because that's the only word we'd I can choose to show that I have catchy on your presence that I believe a relationship or something as to set hasn't saints. Whereas if I said. Expensive. Thinking expensive emotional intelligence. It would be seen as something completely different. So I used the word spirituality because use connection to. A belief nothing's CONSI. But we now have our in Hawaii. Just taking into five on because I believe. Gin. And Stay, tragedy atheism can be a thin line. Sometimes Because there's the close Iva assumed. When agency TRANSI? Really when it comes onto belief, we only have a belief. Even atheists police. They have a belief that don't believe in the fences of alumnae presents. It sounds the reason for top relief. The has been knowledge -ment of an only presence to counteract is existence so point will be about it. Just for the LIA. Doesn't. For this discussion..

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