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Of Friday's mass shooting in Virginia Beach, her Cox says it's more likely to inflame political tensions than produce real changes that keep people safe, democrat governor. Ralph north is proposing a series of gun control measures in response. Cox says the GOP will seek tougher punishments for people who commit acts of violence Cox's statement says Republicans will put forward a package of legislation to stiffen penalties for those who use firearms to commit crimes. He says addressing gun violence starts withholding criminals responsible for their actions, not infringing on the constitutional rights of law abiding, citizens Keith Peters. Washington officials in Ohio say ten people have been diagnosed with legionnaires disease outbreak at a recently opened hospital near Columbus Franklin county health department Tuesday, that's up from seven one of those patients died Sunday. This is townhall dot com. Top European Union legal adviser says social media networks like Facebook could be ordered the take down anywhere in the world, any tax photo or other material judge factory by court, the case concerns, a Facebook user, who shared an online article on their personal page about an Australian politician. The user put a disparaging comment about the politician on the articles photo and the politician took action to make Facebook, stop the comment from spreading a national court ruled the comments were meant to insult and defame the politician. Facebook, remove access to them in Austria. Correspondent Jerry oust reporting, stop acclaimed apostle Joaquin Garcia, the head of a controversial Mexico, based church to cry accusations of human trafficking, and child, rape, Tuesday, calling them, false charges filed in Los Angeles allege that Garcia and others co Hearst underage victims performing sex acts by telling them that refusing, it would be going against God more of these stories at townhall dot com. Hi, Patrick fos. Morning glory, America, bulls, your, I Canada, greeting friends across the pond as the president meets with the prime minister of Great Britain in.

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