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Mr and Mrs America Scott Sloan has a message for you you're stuck at home the kids are making you second guess your decision to breed you're locked down with a significant other twenty four seven I'm Scott Sloan my friend me relate I gotcha info and gas you need to make sense of this stand with me my friend is really what this virus still banned Kogan twenty and twenty one ambulance tomorrow morning at nine one seven hundred W. the day since the crash of eighty seven I'm recommend unlike past market crashes though this crisis is easy to explain and we know that when medical science delivers a solution life will return to normal and stock prices should recover so if your situation hasn't changed and your long term goals remain the same you should stick with your long term outlook and your diversified portfolio today offers you an opportunity to rebalance your investments maybe even to add to your portfolio after all lower prices could be a buying opportunity you could even refinance your mortgage thanks to new lower rates if you're unsure of what to do call us here at Evelyn financial engines we've helped our clients get through tumultuous times for thirty four years and we can help you get through this one to call us a triple eight plane wreck extrapolate plane wreck or visit us online at Rick Adelman dot com that's rice Gelman dot com has addiction taking control of your life do you or someone you love feel utterly powerless over drugs and alcohol it hotel California by the C. Cincinnati we.

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