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All right the nfc east i don't see him playing anywhere there maybe the packers over in the north it's a possibility maybe the chicago bears if they wanna put him on the opposite side of alan robinson bomb not sure really if that's good for your quarterback because of the fact that let's say you throw a ball robinson fifth time fifteen times marshalling it's about seven targets that game you don't think marshalls going to be pretty frustrated about and if she saw fit for him maybe carolina possibly and if see west i don't see any of those teams taken san francisco needs number one receiver but brandon marshall is not a number one receiver anymore i don't believe over naves eased i don't see miami dolphins reunion happening anytime soon with him patriots maybe maybe they take a flyer see what he could do during training camp and if he looks good they keep them but the patriots have never really been team who i guess takes other teams damaged goods so i doubt that afc north you could see him in baltimore but him and crafter basically the same receiver afc south i don't really see a fit from there and neither in the afc west maybe once go back to denver i don't think that happens right but nonetheless i mean brandon marshall great career is the hall of famer no at all times that's here what is brandon marshall got going for him all time and he's like twentythird let me see i got it up right here.

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